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Canvas 2018 Update: Whee!
Posted by Andrew McAllister on 12 January 2018 04:48 PM

Accessibility CheckerWe're now on the next to latest release of Canvas, and many of you will see some great new functionality.

Known Issues

  • Google Drive integration is temporarily disabled. Google Drive integration has been restored.  
  • Avatar pictures may not display in Internet Explorer 11. In some versions of IE11 users' avatars may not display correctly. We're trying to diagnose the issue.

New Features

- Assignments and pages can be duplicated
- Font size increased, new icons

- Better indication for missing and late submissions

- Option to automate create/association of blueprint courses

- For courses, notifications always include the course name as the sender name, rather than "OCAD U - Canvas"
- Several fixes to Blueprint courses.
- The instructor Peer Review assignment page displays the student reminder icon. (Bug fix)

- Rubric criteria can include a point range instead of just an individual point value
- The Publish and Unpublish icons in Canvas have been updated
- Numerous fixes to Blueprint courses
- Fix for assignment scrolling bug
- Large images are resized in SpeedGrader to fit the content window. (!!!)

- Accessibility checker!
- The Gradebook History page includes display filters for a specific student, grader, assignment, and start and end date.
- Create Rubric or Edit Rubric view, criteria visibly display all add, edit, and delete icons
- When a user splits a rubric rating, the rubric displays an Edit Rating window that includes the rating score, rating title, and rating description.
- Navigation link visibility in a Blueprint course is synced to associated courses.
- Module changes in a Blueprint course are synced to associated courses.

- New gradebook (opt-in): 
- Additional views to sort and filter assignments
- Custom color status options
- Improved keyboard accessibility on grade entry
- Assignments, graded discussions, and pages can be duplicated within a module
- Users can remove a page as the Front Page in a course and allow the Pages Course Navigation link to direct to the Pages Index page.
- Criteria can be duplicated within a rubric
- The Conversations Inbox includes a usability change for selecting multiple conversation threads
- Emails for Canvas notifications include responsive HTML and CSS for mobile devices


From Instructure:

  • In this production release (December 9), the Analytics link has been moved to the Account Navigation Menu for admins. In courses, assignment group settings include an option to move all assignments to another assignment group, and instructors can view a label for inactive enrollments in groups.
  • For instructors using the New Gradebook, the Grade Detail Tray indicates concluded student enrollments when concluded enrollments are visible.
  • Small design updates have been made in the Canvas interface for Collaborations, the Dashboard, and the Rich Content Editor, and Italian is a supported language in Canvas. Other updates have also been made to various APIs and other integration documentation.
  • Production release notes also include fixed bugs.


From Instructure:

  • In this production release (January 6), institutions using the New Gradebook can apply late and missing policies to course assignments, and submissions that need to be graded only display one assignment icon regardless of assignment type. Additionally, instructors can enable the New Gradebook on a per-course basis if the feature option is allowed for their account. Previously the New Gradebook could only be enabled on a per-course basis by a Canvas admin.
  • When a submission is graded in SpeedGrader, rubrics support excess points above the maximum point value for each criterion.
  • In the Rich Content Editor, the Accessibility Checker includes a minor design update and a new content contrast rule. The Rich Content Editor Whitelist supports the Audio Controls element, and the Content Selector Images tab includes an alt text field and decorative image checkbox when uploading new images to course files.
  • The student Grades page menus have been updated for improved accessibility, and concluded courses display in the Courses menu as long as the course has not been restricted from being viewed after the course end date.
  • Various updates have been made to APIs and other integration documentation. Production release notes also include fixed bugs.