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Apple macOS Catalina 10.15: Don't Upgrade Yet
Posted by Andrew McAllister on 07 October 2019 01:34 PM

Apple is releasing its newest version of macOS today called Catalina, but we can't recommend that you upgrade yet. Why?

1. macOS Catalina 10.15 marks the end of 32-bit application support in macOS. 

Many apps that have not yet been updated will not work. This includes any application that you may have received a warning about in Mojave 10.14.

2. We haven't yet tested all of our apps and workflows against it yet

Early adopters usually encounter a few bumps, and we don't want that to be you.

Read more about it on The Verge and Ars Technica: 

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Rhino 6 Licenses are now cross-platform
Posted by Andrew McAllister on 20 September 2019 10:18 AM

With the release of Rhino 6 for Mac, Rhino 3D licenses are now cross-platform, meaning that you can install Rhino for Mac using your Rhino 6 Serial number.

We recommend you read McNeel's our knowledgebase article on Rhino. Users may now employ McNeel's Cloud Zoo for activating their software.





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Technology Enabled Learning Sessions for Faculty
Posted by Andrew McAllister on 27 August 2019 09:43 PM

Canvas Orientation: Using Online Tools to Support Your Teaching 

Our colleagues in the FCDC are running a Canvas workshop which covers the basics of getting started in Canvas. Topics include basic navigation, the Course Outline Builder tool, and the Assignments tool.

Thursday 29 Aug, 1:00pm - 2:30pm, 113 McCaul St, Room 510


Enhancing your Canvas Course with Video

Learn how to create a course introduction video, document a studio process or summarize the week’s lesson using Techsmith Fuse for iPhone and Android and Techsmith Relay for desktop.

Tuesday 3 Sept & Thurs 5 Sept, 12:00pm – 1:00pm, 100 McCaul St, Room 287

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Adobe and Microsoft Software Rollout for 2019-20
Posted by Andrew McAllister on 19 July 2019 02:10 PM

If you're a new student attending OCAD U in September, we will be sending out notifications about access to Adobe, Microsoft, LinkedIn Learning and other great software later in August. Until then, hope you're having a great summer. Learn more about the Back-to-School Specials and About the Laptop Program.

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