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Laptop Program: How do I opt in to the Opt in Laptop Program?
Updated: 10 February 2021 02:04 PM

The Opt-in Laptop Program provides Adobe, Microsoft and other software, and high quality service and support to minimize time lost learning due to technology failures. We support you on campus through a Laptop Helpdesk, including software imaging support and on-campus repair support.

We recommend you read the About the Laptop Program Knowledgebase page.

Who can opt-in?

  1. Mobility students
  2. Graduate Students in a program other than DFI or IAMD
  3. Students who have an admit year earlier than 2014, and were in a program not originally included in the Laptop Program

and, you must also be currently registered in order to opt-in.

What is the process for opt-in?

  1. You buy an OCAD University recommended laptop computer or use your existing Apple laptop, so long as it's one of the supported models. 
  2. You must be a currently registered student.
  3. Open a ticket by logging in at and selecting Submit a Ticket > Laptop Program Opt-In Request
  4. Your ticket will be attended to by IT Services and Finance. We will notify you when the process is complete.

What is the cost?

For more details, please browse to

When can I opt-in?

You may opt-in during the Fall or Winter semester, so long as you have an active enrolment.

I'm not in the Laptop Program. Why?

Some program areas or students are not included for academic reasons, including:

  • Some Graduate Studies Programs including Strategic Foresight and Innovation (SFI) and Inclusive Design (INCD)

  • Mobility Students

Can I opt-out after I opt-in?

You can only opt out of the program under very specific circumstances:

  1. If you opt-in accidentally, you can opt-out within 48 hours of opting-in by contacting the Director, Academic Computing & Innovation
  2. If there is some other special or extenuating circumstance that prevents you from continuing in the program. 

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