Faculty and Students: Using Google Drive
Updated: 02 December 2019 12:18 PM

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage and synchronization service provided by Google. It allows for online storage, file sharing, and collaborative editing of documents. Students receive Gmail accounts via our agreement with Google and Google Apps for Education. This also includes access to Google Drive. 

If you're a Student, you can go ahead and sign into your OCAD U Student Email account to access Google Drive. 

If you are a Faculty member, you will need to create a Google Account that is associated with your existing faculty.ocadu.ca email account (click the link). You are covered under our our Google Apps for Education agreement with that email address.

In addition to using the Web Version of Google Drive, You can choose to install the Google Drive application on your home computer or mobile device which will synchronize your files. 

Using Google Drive to Share Large Public Files:

Canvas, Email and some other services have file size limits. Canvas has a file size limit of approximately 500 megabytes (MB) when it comes to uploading. In order to share or submit work that is beyond this limit such as large video files, you can either Reduce the File Size or you can use Google Drive to share the file. Please do not share confidential files with personal information this way: it is not secure. 

How to Upload Files and Folders to Google Drive

How to Share Files with Google Drive and Choosing who has Access

How to Delete and Restore Files in Google Drive

Important Note on Privacy Settings:

As you will see in the link above, there are different settings for sharing your file, including: 

  • Public on the web (anyone can access)
  • Anyone with the link (anyone who has the link can access)
  • OCAD University (People at OCAD University can access)
  • People at OCAD University with the link
  • Specific People

In most cases Anyone with the link or People at OCAD University with the link will likely be the best option to ensure some level of security but also ease of access when sharing a file.

If you want to only share with specific people you can select this option and then enter their email addresses in the next step after hitting save.