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Updated: 02 March 2021 02:36 PM

Where do I buy my Laptop?

Recommended Laptops for 2021-22

We are currently reviewing models for next September and will be posting information in the future.

Check back on this page or email and ask your hardware purchasing questions.



Online: OCAD University Recommended Systems

Purchase your Apple MacBook Pro on our special OCAD University Recommended Systems Apple Storefront. All computers have Apple's educational discount.

In Person: Apple Store Eaton Centre

Simply show your OCAD U Student ID to get Apple Education Pricing at the Apple Store to a staff member, who can provide Apple Education pricing and useful advice.

220 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M5B 2H1. (647) 258-0801. Driving directions and map (Links to an external site.)


Dell Online: Dell Premier Page

We recommend you purchase your Dell from Dell at or at one of the links below through our partner, If you choose to purchase your computer directly from Dell, please ensure you purchase Dell ProSupport warranty at time of purchase: this is a fantastic professional warranty for your computer, and if you can afford it, accidental damage coverage. Dell ProSupport is included in the options below. 

Microsoft Surface Book

Online: Microsoft Store Online

This option is best for students who want to buy their Surface Book 3 because they live outside the Greater Toronto Area. Be sure to purchase a warranty from Microsoft and include accidental damage if you can afford it.

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