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Security: Lost your iPhone or Android Device? Remote Wipe with Outlook Web Access
Updated: 09 December 2019 04:10 PM

If you configured your Administrative or Faculty email on your iPhone or Android device, you can use Outlook Web Access to remotely wipe your device in the event of loss. This avoids the personal information on your device from being accessed by criminals.

1. Click on the Log In button on the OCAD U website.

 Log in to Portal


2. Enter your credentials to log in.

Enter Your Credentials


3. In the portal, click on the OCAD U 365.

Click on OCAD U 365


4. Click on Outlook.

Click on Outlook


5. Go to the Settings and click on View All Outlook Settings.

Go to Settings and View All Outlook Settings


6. Wipe the Device.

Wipe the Device


7. The status should change to "Pending"



8. When the device has been successfully wiped, the status will show as "Successful"



9. Now you can remove the device completely.

In order for your account to sync with the server, you must remove this mobile phone from the list of mobile phones in Outlook Web App. 

Otherwise, your device will continue wiping data if you try to sync again.

Remove Device Completely




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