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Updated: 25 February 2021 01:16 PM

Recommended PC Laptops for 2021-22

We are currently reviewing models for next September and will be posting information in the future.

Check back on this page or email and ask your hardware purchasing questions.

Already Own a PC? Don't want to buy the Recommended Model?

Here is our minimum recommended specification for older PC models.

We recommend you talk to the Help Desk before buying a machine. Based on our surveys, students are generally happier with the laptops we recommend. These two charts show satisfaction for our recommended models (first) and any other laptop (second):

laptop satisfaction laptop satisfaction other models

If your system is not a recommended system we offer little support for it:

  • We cannot image your laptop nor install Windows operating system on your laptop
  • We make a best effort troubleshoot issues brought to us, but generally we will redirect users to their own manufacturer for support.
  • We repair Apple laptops on site. The Dell models are either return to depot or on-site warranties. 

This often results in students wasting large amounts of valuable time: your time is more valuable than the money you save buying a cheap laptop. Please purchase a recommended configuration for your program.

What about XYZ brand of laptop?

We can't say whether another brand laptop may or may not be a good deal or good hardware to use. We evaluate all the computers we recommend and listen carefully to student feedback. We keep in mind that you will have this computer for three to four years. We recommend you purchase the recommended Microsoft Surface, Dell or Apple MacBook Pro.


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