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Canvas: How do I submit final grades?
Updated: 26 August 2020 01:03 PM

Here is a handy video on how to submit your final grades in Canvas. There is a transcript below the video.

Note: In September 2013, the grading policy was revised. The grade submission process was updated to reflect the new policy, including the elimination of a target grade distribution. The video below displays the old version of the grading submission tool. The process is mostly the same, but will look slightly different today. 

How to submit grades in Canvas:

  • Hi my name is Andrew McAllister, Manager of Academic Computing, and this is a video about how to submit your final grades in Canvas using our grade submission tool
  • Browse to a Course
  • Then browse to the grade book by clicking Grades
  • You will notice that Test Larry is not doing well in the course, as he has not submitted the last assignment.
  • For the purpose of submitting final grades we do need to ensure the student receives a ZERO for that assignment.
  • Canvas calculates the final grade in the Gradebook based on completed assignments, so that you have a sense of how the student is doing in the class
  • We’ve also implemented a fix so that muted assignments are reported in the final grade. Muted assignments are assignments which the student has not seen the final grade for that assignment yet. But perhaps you want to see how your course is meeting the distribution, so maybe you don’t want to unmute that assignment yet.
  • We can click the “Submit Final Grades” button. There is also a Submit Final Grades from the main course menu.
  • It will show us whether the grade is in range or out of range, and whether the student is Incomplete
  • Perhaps Test Larry does get the final grade done. He got 50/50 on that one, and it’s expressed as a percentage for this assignment so he got a 100%, so he’s doing a bit better now.
  • We click submit final grades again, and we can see it has pulled the final grade into the system. We still can change the grade, and see how that fits in the distribution.
  • If the grades do not fit the distribution, then you may need to submit an explanation, and it will be accepted or rejected by the office.
  • If you have any further questions about contact the IT Help Desk at x277 or