How do I map a network drive? (Windows 10)
Updated: 18 September 2017 11:14 AM

When you map a drive, Windows shows the network folder as a drive in the Network Location section of File Explorer. It will also appear in the Open dialog boxes of most programs (in the 'This PC' section of the Navigation pane).

  1. Click the Start (Windows) button and select File Explorer.

  2. Select This PC on the left-side panel of the File Explorer windows that opens. 
  3. Click the Map network drive button in the ribbon menu at the top, then select "Map network drive." Note: This is under the Computer tab, which should open automatically when you go to 'This PC'.


    To be able to map a network folder to a local drive, the folder must be shared and you must have network permission to access it on the other computer.

  4. Select an unused drive letter for the network folder in the Drive drop-down list. Typically, departmental drives are set to O:

  5. In the Folder text box, enter the network share pathname. Contact the Helpdesk to find out what you should type in this text box if you are unsure. When you’re done, click OK.

    You can type the path like the \\fileserver\share example shown.

  6. Click the Finish button.

    When you click Finish, Windows creates the network drive and automatically opens it in File Explorer. After that, you can access any of the folder’s subfolders and files by simply opening the network drive in the Computer window.