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Wireless: How do I connect to ocadu Wi-Fi ?
Updated: 16 March 2021 04:59 PM


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Wireless: How do I connect to ocadu Wi-Fi on Android devices?

1.From the main menu, go to Settings, and choose Wi-Fi under Wireless & Networks
Android 1
2.If the Wi-Fi is OFF,slide to turn ON .You should now see a list of available wireless networks. Tap ocadu. 

 android 2
3.In the next screen, choose the following settings:

  • For EAP method, choose PEAP
  • For Phase 2 authentication, choose MSCHAPV2
  • For CA certificate and User certificate, leave as Unspecified (or select "do not validate")
  • In Identity, type your OCADU username 
  • In Password, type your password
  • Tap Connect

Android 3

You should now be connected to the OCADU wireless network.


Wireless: How do I connect to ocadu Wi-Fi on iOS? 

1. Open the “Settings” app.settings app

2. Choose Wi-Fi.

iOS 1

3. From the list of available networks select ocadu. If your Wi-Fi is turned off turn it on.

iOS 2

4. You will be prompted for your user name and password. Type your OCADU username and password in the appropriate fields. Tap Join


iOS 3

5.Confirm the following certificate info and select “Accept”

DigiCert Global Root CA


Tap 'more details', confirm the details below, then nagivate back and tap 'trust':

You should now be connected to the OCADU wireless network 


Wireless: How do I connect to ocadu Wi-Fi on OSX?

1.From the wireless network icon in top right corner, select Turn Airport On or Turn Wi-Fi On (depending on your OS).
 OSX 1
2.From the wireless network pull-down menu in the top right corner, select ocadu.

3.In the authentication window, type your OCADU user name and password. 
4.Click OK or Join

 OSX 3

Note: Uncheck “Remember this network” if you are using a shared computer, un-check this box. Select this box only when nobody else has admin access to your machine.

5.When you connect to the wireless network with the ocadu SSID, you may see a certificate warning. If so, click on Show Certificate.

6.Check to make sure the certificate is named and is issued by DigiCert Global Root CA.  Click 'Details' and make sure the details match those in the image shown below.  When you are sure, click Continue.

7.You may now be prompted to enter your Mac user name and password (not your OCADU login) to allow this trust to be saved. If so, do so and click Update Settings.


You should now be connected to the OCADU wireless network. 

Note: Occasionally OS X requires that the network be deleted and re-added.  If you're having difficulty with the instructions above, this may be necessary.  Here are instructions for how to do that.


Wireless: How do I connect to ocadu Wi-Fi on win 10?

  1. Click on the wireless icon from the desktop.
  2. Choose ocadu and click connect.
  3. Type your OCADU username and password in the appropriate fields and click OK.
  4. A warning message will prompt to either connect or cancel this process. Verfiy the fingerprint matches the one shown below, and click Connect to proceed.
  5. When you are fully connected to the ocadu network the status will appear as Connected, secured or Secured.
  6. If you need to retype your username and password due to any password correction or change. You will need to forget the ocadu network. Unfortunately, disconnecting will not forget the entered credentials. Begin by selecting Network settings.
  7. A Settings window will appear for the Network & Internet  Wi-Fi connections. Click on Manage Wi-Fi settings
  8. Scroll to the bottom of this page. Under the Manage known networks section, click on ocadu, and then click Forget. You will then be able retype your username and password again following through steps 1-4.


Wireless: How do I connect to ocadu Wi-Fi on win 7?

ocadu network should be automatically detected and configured if you choose to connect to it.

1.From wireless Network Connection ,select ocadu and click Connect

 win7 1
2.Authenticate with your OCADU user name and password.

 win7 2
3.At present, Windows 7 users get a warning message, Click on "Details" and confirm the certificate Identity 
 win7 3
4.Click Connect after confirming the certificate identity :

Radius Server: 

Root CA:                    DigiCert Global Root CA


Now you should be connected to the OCADU wireless network . 


IoT (Internet of Things) and Embedded Devices

For devices that do not support 802.1x, OCADU maintains a network that uses an alternate authentication method.  This network requires that the MAC address of your device is registered in our database.  

To request access to this network, email IT Services at with the MAC address (or addresses) of the device you'd like to use.  You will receive the pre-shared key (password) for this network, and the device you've registered will have access for 1 year.  The network is hidden.  Its name is 'ocadu-embedded'.

For instructors wishing to register multiple devices, IT Services provides access to a registration portal where multiple devices can be managed.