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FAQ: OCAD U Voice Service Migration
Updated: 23 April 2021 10:54 AM

Over the coming months OCAD U IT Services will be replacing the current legacy phone and voice messaging service with  the Microsoft Teams Voice platform to improve mobility, collaboration and collaboration for all employees.  We anticipate a very smooth transition from the current phone service to the new Teams based interface, which OCAD U employees have become familiar with.  

What is happening?

A migration of all voice service will be transitioning from the desktop phone to a digital unified communications service fully integrated with Office 365. 

Why are we doing this?

The Microsoft Teams Voice platform will support integrated communication and collaboration to better support a mobile and hybrid workforce. Teams Voice features can also be leveraged for customer service and help desk to improve efficiency, support and student experience.  

The current voice messaging and auto-attendant service operates on legacy systems and discontinued products which require upgrades. By switching to the new platform IT Services will be able to manage and reduce current and future costs related to service, hardware and infrastructure and improve security. 

What is Microsoft Teams Voice?

Microsoft Teams Voice (phone system) is a cloud service integrated with other components of Microsoft O365 to help OCAD U move towards a Unified Communications environment. It provides a familiar interface for OCADU Teams users for voice service to connect with each other and external contacts. Users can forward, transfer and record calls with Teams Voice.

Can Microsoft Teams Service replace desktop phones without losing functionality?
Yes. The Teams Voice service uses a digital touch pad and voice messaging service equivalent to traditional desktop phone.  Employees current extensions will be migrated to the new platform.   You can forward, transfer and record calls. Voicemail greetings are configurable and extensions can be routed appropriately.

What if my department has a number of extensions that go to different people?

We will be consulting with each department prior to the transition to ensure that all extensions are appropriately set up and routed. Teams Voice includes auto attendant, audio conferencing and call queue capabilities that will improve student experience when interacting with departments providing direct support and service.

Will there be the option to use a desk phone after this change?

While there are significant cost savings in not using physical phones for voice calls after this change, there will be an option for departments to purchase compatible desktop phones if required.

Will the emergency phones across campus be removed?

Ongoing consultation with OCAD U Safety, Security & Campus Operations is being undertaken to determine the best strategy for emergency phones.  In the meantime current emergency phones will continue to be supported .

Can I use a headset with the Microsoft Teams phone?

Yes. Just as you do when participating in Teams web conferences you can use any headset with microphone that is compatible with your computer for voice calls.

When is this happening?

Consultations with departments will take place over Spring/Summer 2021 for a planned implementation completed by September 2021. More information and updates will be available in the coming weeks.