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GradEx: Fourth Year Awards & Medals Jurying
Updated: 21 April 2021 12:27 PM

This article is for GradEx participants who have already applied for Fourth Year Awards & Medals will need to create a specific collection containing their works for the jury's consideration.  


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How do I set up a Collection?

Follow the instructions in this article ePortfolio - Creating Collections on how to create a collection. 

Make sure to title the collection "01 For Jurying Consideration". Include the number at the beginning so that it sorts this specific collection at the top of your collection list. 

Jurying Collection


Which works do I add to the Collection?

Ensure that you are only adding the works that you want to be included for jurying to this collection. 

Adding Works


Preview to Check Your Collection

Ensure that the collection shows up properly and contains the works that you want the juries to see. 

Check the title and banner of your collection.

Collection Banner

Check that the collection contains the works you want the juries to see. 

Included Works

Check that the "01 For Jurying Consideration" collection shows up at the top of your collection list.

Top of the Collection


Medals Winners: What to expect next?

If you have been selected to receive the OCAD U Medal for your program, you will be notified by the Financial Aid & Awards office on Friday, April 20. For all Medal winners, please SAVE THE DATE! for Monday, May 3rd, 2021. Prepare to be invited to a Zoom meeting on that date. 

Your profile will also show up on the Medal Winners page on the online platform. 



Q: Will the "01 For Jurying Consideration" collection be hidden after the jurying process is done?

A: The collection will not be hidden. It will remain on your profile for the remainder of the exhibition. 


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