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GradEx: Special Event Support Request
Updated: 09 April 2021 09:42 AM
If you're looking to host an online event, such as a panel discussion after GradEx opening day, there are a few planning and submission items to take into consideration. Please make sure you do all of the steps to ensure proper planning, coordination, and support.
Also please sign up for these How-To events:

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Planning Your Online Event
When planning your online event(s), you can self-organize smaller Teams Meetings and promote them yourselves. 
However, if you're planning to organize a large event, please consult your GradEx faculty and Program Chair and prepare to submit the following information and promotional materials for your large event. When making the requests and submissions, please do so through your instructor. 
When planning, please take a look at the following table. For example, you'll need submit to all 3 support channels if you are promoting a Teams Live Event, require Event Support, and want it streamed to OCAD U LiVE. 
SELF-RUN, STREAMED ON OCAD U LiVE Required Required (Indicate OCAD U LiVE Support ONLY) Required
IT SUPPORTED EVENT Required Required (Indicate Event Support ONLY) N/A
IT SUPPORTED EVENT, STREAMED ON OCAD U LiVE Required Required (Indicate BOTH Event Support and OCAD U LiVE Support) Required
Please sign up for the following How-To sessions:
Submit a Special Event Support Request
If an additional IT support person is required during your special event, please create a ticket by doing the following:
  1. Go to this link:
  2. Login with your OCADU credentials.
  3. On the next screen, select “SUBMIT A TICKET” from the top menu bar.
  4. Select “Special Event Support Requests” and click next.
  5. If you want to it to be streamed to OCAD U LiVE, please indicate on this ticket as well. (R
  6. Fill out the form and the Special Event Support team will get back you to you to confirm. 
Streaming to OCAD U LiVE
If you want to stream your Live Event to OCAD U LiVE, please connect with the Producer for OCAD U LiVE.
Submit Your Event Details for Bookings Setup
When you know the details for your event, please fill out the GradEx Bookings Event Details Form to get your event added to the GradEx Public Events Bookings page, so that people can sign up your event. The administrator will send you the unique URL for your event that you can use in the promotion of your event.
Fill out the GradEx Bookings Event Details Form with the following information:
  • Title of Your Event
  • Description of Your Event
  • Regular Teams Meeting or Teams Live Event
  • Special Events Support Required?
  • Teams Live Event Presenters
  • Event Duration
  • Maximum Attendees
  • Automated Email Reminder Message
  • Email Confirmation Message
  • Event Host
  • Bookings Email Notifications
    • You can choose to receive email notifications for each person that registers. In order to receive these notifications, you'll be added to the Bookings page and will need to confirm this via the automated email.
    • YES - Adding you to the Bookings page, you'll need to confirm via the automated email, and you'll receive email notifications for each sign up.
    • NO - Will not add you to the Bookings page, but the default name on the email confirmations that people will see will be the Bookings Page Administrator.
  • Date of Your Event
  • Start Time of Your Event 
Promote Your Event
To promote your event, create the promotional materials for your event. Please include the following in your submissions:
  • Image for the Newsletter
  • Event Details, Description, and Bookings URL (Step from above)
  • Promotional Material (Image, Gif, Video)
  • Caption
Submit your social media materials for your event to the following promotional outlets:

Please sign up for the following How-To sessions:



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