Knowledgebase: Administrative Staff
Managed Software Center for MacOS
Updated: 11 March 2021 04:21 PM

As part of IT Services at OCAD U's software deployment and management services, we install software on our computers that helps us perform updates.

If you are a user of a loaned Apple laptop from OCAD U, you may notice the presence of an application known as "Managed Software Center".


This app provides automatic updates for third-party programs as well as encouragement for updates to the operating system of your Mac.

It also functions as an 'alternative App Store' where users can easily install optional third party software.

The primary "store" interface looks like the first image, and the second image shows the updates panel.

Most of the time you may not notice this program unless you are asked to approve some updates. In fact, many updates will be installed without requiring approval--however if a program is blocked from updating because it has been continually in use, or requires a reboot then you may be notified and brought to the 'Updates' window.

You may also see a more limited status window when you're logged out, or the first time the utility runs on a new computer, which looks like this:

Do not be alarmed--this is your IT department trying to keep your apps up to date and make sure your system is secure.

We ask that you perform updates if prompted to do so, excepting major macOS version updates--in which case we may ask you to delay updating to the newest major version--please wait for a communication on when updating to those is safe.