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Teams - Scheduling a Meeting for a Class
Updated: 20 January 2021 02:40 PM

Schedule a Meeting for a Class

This method insures that users who were unable to attend a meeting still have access to the meeting recording. 

  1. In the Teams Calendar click + New Meeting.

  2. Enter the meeting details:

    1. Title: The name of your meeting.
    2. Attendees: Optional. Only use this to invite people who are not in the class (eg. other faculty members or external guests)
    3. Date and Time: When the meeting will occur.
    4. Repeat: By default meetings do not repeat. See Scheduling a recurring meeting below for more information.
    5. Channel: Choose a Channel associated with the Team (course) you want to invite. In the example below, the choice is the General Channel in the Team ABCD-1234-001-2020SU. We recommend you use the General channel in a given Team.
    6. Location: Not applicable. This is an online meeting.
    7. Description: Add a description of the meeting.

  3. Click Send.

Scheduling a Recurring Meeting

Teams can schedule recurring meetings in a variety of ways (eg. Daily, Weekly, Monthly). A common recurring meeting is a weekly class meeting. In this case, we want to have an end date – the end of the semester – so the meeting does not repeat forever. For recurring meetings with end dates, use the Custom recurrence feature.

  1. In the New meeting panel, click Does not repeat and select Custom.

  2. In the Custom recurrence panel enter the details for how the meeting repeats.

    • Start Date for the recurring meeting series. 
    • Repeat every is how often the meeting repeats. A weekly meeting has this set to Repeat every 1 Week.
    • Select the day of the week for the meeting.
    • End Date for the recurring meeting series.

  3. Click Save and complete the meeting invitation.