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Teams - Hosting External Guests
Updated: 19 January 2021 04:22 PM

Inviting an external guest to a meeting

Microsoft Teams allows external guests to Attend and Present in Teams meetings. 

  1. Instruct guests to download and install Teams the desktop client in advance of the meeting.

  2. Create a meeting invite and include the guest's email address as an attendee. The guest will receive a meeting invitation at that address.

  3. The guest can click the join link in the meeting invitation. The link will open their web browser and ask them how they want to proceed. They should Allow the browser to open Teams. If they are not prompted to open Teams, they can click Open your Teams app. They will be directed to the meeting.

    Note: Continuing in the browser is not recommended.

  4. The guest will join the meeting as an Attendee. If the guest needs to share their screen, they need to be promoted to Presenter. Only the meeting Organizer can promote an Attendee to a Presenter and this can only be done after the guest has arrived at the meeting.

    Click More ⋯ button beside the guest's name and click Make a presenter.


Inviting an external guest to a Team

External guests can also be a member of a Team in order to have chats in the channels or privately. Guests do not need to be Team members to join meetings as documented above.

  1. Click the More ⋯ button beside the Team name and click Add member.

  2. Add the guest with their email address.

    Note: The user must have a Microsoft account associated with the email address you are inviting. If they do not have one, they will be prompted to create a Microsoft account with that email address. This is not required when simply inviting a guest to a meeting as documented above.

  3. The guest will receive an invitation to join the Team. When they click the link, Teams will open to the given Team.

More information

To learn more about Teams and guest access, check out Microsoft's official Teams documentation.