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ePortfolio: Adding Video to Your Work
Updated: 23 February 2021 04:58 PM

Videos can be added to your work as a link or an embedded video. Only videos from YouTube or Vimeo can be embedded. The video links show up on the left-hand side of your work and the embedded videos show up on the right-side. 


To add new work, please see the article ePortfolio - Setting Up Your Works


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Follow these steps to add video to your work:

Add Video Link

Under your works, in the "Video Links" panel, Click on "Add Video Link."

05B-Works-Video Panel


Enter Video Details for Your Video

  1. Enter a "Video Title"
  2. Click on "Display Type" and Select the Display Type ("Display as Link" OR "Display in Video Player" which is embedded)
  3. Click on "Video Type" and Select the Video Type ("YouTube" or "Vimeo")
  4. Enter the "Video ID"
  5. Click "Save"

Embed a Video

05C-Works-Embed Video

Add a Video Link

05C-Works-Add Video Link


Getting the Video ID From YouTube

Go to the YouTube video that you want to embed and Click on the "SHARE" button.

05D-Works-YouTube Share Link

Copy the YouTube Video ID

05E-Works-YouTube Copy Share URL


Getting the Video ID From Vimeo

Go to the Vimeo video that you want to embed and Copy the Video ID

05G-Works-Vimeo Video ID


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