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ePortfolio: Change Your Program Page Profile Image
Updated: 23 February 2021 04:58 PM

The image showing up on the Program page goes in order of the first one found based on the following order:

  1. Thumbnail image of the Collection that is assigned to the Exhibition
  2. Thumbnail image of the First Work entered and assigned to the above Collection
  3. Artist Photo Image
  4. Generated image based on exhibitor's initials

If you want to choose what image shows up for your profile on the Program page, we highly suggest that you create a Collection with the Thumbnail image that you want to use. 

If there is more than one Collection, you'll have to remove the Collections from the Exhibition and add the first Collection with the Thumbnail that you'd like to use.

To create a Collection, please see the ePortfolio: Creating Collections article.

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Follow These Steps to Add a Collection to Your Exhibition:

Add a Collection to the Exhibition

  1. Click on "OCAD U - Exhibitions"
  2. Click on "Exhibitions"
  3. Click on the COG icon for the exhibition, under the "Manage" column.



Add a Collection in the Panel

  1. Click on the "Collections" panel
  2. Click on "Add Collection"

02-ProgramPage-Add Collection


Select the Collection

  1. Select from the "Collection" drop-down list
  2. Click on "Save"

03-ProgramPage-Add Collection


Preview Your Profile on the Program Page



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