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ePortfolio - Account Activation Email Invitations
Updated: 11 March 2021 10:45 AM

Graduated students are invited to participate as part of the annual Graduate Exhibition know as GradEx on the ePortfolio system. Eligible exhibitors will have been sent an invite to their OCAD U student email to activate their account for ePortfolio and start building their profile and uploading their works. For more information about setting up your profile, please see the ePortfolio - Setting up your Profile article.


Once you've accepted your invitation for ePortfolio, sign up for one of these How-To sessions for an overview tutorial on how to navigate the ePortfolio platform and for Q&A.


GradEx Online Submissions How-To Sessions:


Where is my invitation email?

The account activation email invitation was sent to your OCAD U student email. Please check your email account's junk folder to see if the invite went there. If the invitation is still not found in your email, please send us an email at with the email that we should re-send your invite to.


More Questions? Concerns?

Chat with us at the GradEx Helpdesk!

Send us an email at

Need 1-on-1 Support? Click here to make an appointment on the GradEx 1-on-1 Support page.

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