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Intune Enrollment for Windows 10
Updated: 12 April 2021 03:55 PM

This guide is for enrolling existing Windows 10 devices that have already been deployed but need to be enrolled with Microsoft Intune.

By connecting your Windows 10 device to Intune, you will receive improved device security via Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection(ATP) as well as storage of your computer's encryption key in case you get locked out.

There are two methods to enroll with Intune. The preferred method is using the Company Portal application by Microsoft. The second method involves account settings and is provided for the sake of completion. Please start with the preferred method. 

Enroll via the Company Portal Application

  1. Ensure you are disconnected from the VPN. 
  2. Begin by opening the Start Menu and searching for the Windows Store. Open it.

  3. In the Windows Store, click Search and search for the Company Portal app. Click on the search result.

  4. On the app's page, click 'Get'. When prompted to "Use across your devices" you can select "No, thanks".

  5. The app will begin downloading and installing. Click "Launch" when it becomes available.

  6. After launching, If you see a window asking you to enter your email, do so and skip to step 9. If you don't see this screen proceed to step 7.

  7. If you are instead taken to the Company Portal dashboard and see a message that says "This device hasn't been set up for corporate use yet", click that message.

  8. You'll then see a dialog that asks for your email plus something called an "MDM Server URL". Enter your email, and type into the MDM Server URL box. Click 'Next'.

  9. You'll now be redirected to the OCAD U sign-in page where you'll need to log in.

  10. Leave the box checked. Click "OK" to approve the enrollment. Your device will then go through some configuration.

  11. If you don't have Windows Hello and a PIN sign-in enabled for your Windows account, you'll be asked to set it up now. Click OK

  12. Enter your PIN. This window may appear hidden behind the window in front. Check the taskbar for a highlighted icon that blinks and select it to bring this window to the front. You are asked to enter your account password to confirm the change.


  13. You're all done. The Company Portal will list your device in its window. You can see other devices you've enrolled by clicking "Show All". You can also remove devices from management here if they are personal devices that you no longer wish to be managed.


Enroll via Windows Account Settings

This process will connect a Windows 10 computer that has already been setup to OCAD U's computer management platform, Intune. This is only for OCAD U computers that have already been deployed and not for new deployments.

  1. To begin, open the Start Menu by clicking the Windows icon in the bottom left of your screen.

  2. Click the gear to open Settings.

  3. Select the Accounts icon to open Accounts.

  4. Select 'Access Work or School' from the sidebar.

    In the next screen, if you have already connected your OCAD U account to Windows 10, you will see the account listed below the 'Connect' button with your OCADU email address.

    If it's already there, you should remove it now and re-add it. If you need to remove the account, click on it and click 'Disconnect'.

    Once you are sure there is no OCAD U account connected to Windows 10, click 'Connect'.

  5. In the following screen after clicking 'Connect' enter your OCAD U email address.

  6. You'll be taken to the OCAD U sign in page. Enter your OCADUid and password, and authenticate.

  7. You should see a notification that your device is being configured, after which your account should be added below the Connect button.

The procedure is now complete. Your device are now be enrolled and protected by Defender ATP.