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ePortfolio - Getting Organized to Upload your Work
Updated: 23 February 2021 05:01 PM

Getting Organized to Upload Your Work

For each asset on your site, there are various limitations. When planning to upload your works onto ePortfolio, we advise that you organize your works into specific folders for an easier experience.

Here is an example of what we would recommend for your folders. Each folder has the following in the title:

  • Name of the asset (eg. Banners, Profile Pictures, Thumbnails, Works)
  • File types that are accepted on ePortfolio (eg. PNG, JPG)
  • The maximum file size (eg. 1024KB)
  • Specific file dimensions (eg. 512x512)

Using the scheme above would mean that a folder of Banner images would be named Banners PNG JPG JPEG 512KB.

Having all of these in the titles of your folders allows for easier navigation and organization of your files.

01-GetOrganized-PC Folders


02-GetOrganized-MAC Folders


How to format your images for upload

The video below is a quick how-to on formatting image files to ePortfolio's specifications:


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