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ePortfolio - Setting up your Profile
Updated: 11 March 2021 10:48 AM

Once you've accepted your invitation for ePortfolio, sign up for one of these How-To sessions for an overview tutorial on how to navigate the ePortfolio platform and for Q&A. 

GradEx Online Submissions How-To Sessions:

ePortfolio email invitations have been sent to your OCAD U student email. If you do not see the invitation in your Inbox, please check the Junk folder. If you still don't see in the Junk folder, please email with the subject title "RE-SEND INVITE" so that we can re-send you your invitation.

Creating your Profile

  1. Open the ePortfolio Exhibition email and accept the invitation by clicking the Invitation URL. You are taken to the ePortfolio site.

    00 Profile - Email Invite 

  2. Enter a new password for your ePortfolio account.
  3. Accept the Terms of Use by clicking on the checkbox. Click Activate

    01 - Profile - Account Activation 

  4. Confirm your Exhibitor Details and click Accept Invitation.

     02-Profile - Confirm Exhibitor Details


  • The ePortfolio site is not connected to your OCADUid. The account details are yours to manage.
  • Once you've fully set up your account, please bookmark the page, so that you can quickly get access to it to upload your works.
  • Logging in using your credentials will take you to your personal profile page for the OCADU GradEx 2021 ePortfolio site.

Profile Details

This section describes the various details associated with your ePortfolio account.

Basic Profile

Clicking on the profile heading brings you to the profile details page. This allows you to upload all your information necessary for your specific profile you can also expand all and collapse all subcategories for a quick overview.


Under the basic profile category, you will see you can add your name, pseudonym, craft, discipline, pitch, bio, website URL, video URL and contact details. You can edit these details by clicking the update button bringing up a new page. Make sure you save your work by clicking the save button which will bring you back to your basic profile page.

04-Profile-Update Information

Personal Data Protection

Choose to hide your email address or phone number from being viewed publicly. You will be able to tell if the information is hidden or not under the veiled column and if there is a checkmark showing then the information is hidden. To toggle off the information from being hidden click on the lock button.


Click on the "Manage Restriction Key" to set an access key that you can give to specific guests to view your contact information. 

06-Profile-Set Access Key

Your guests can click on your locked contact information and enter the access key that you set under "Restriction Key" to see your contact information. 

07-Profile-Enter Key


Upload any exhibitions you have participated in by clicking on the Add Exhibition button.

08-Profile-Add Exhibition

In the page you will be able to detail the exhibition including name of exhibition, location, year it took place, how long it was, and a website URL. Click save once you have the information uploaded to your profile.

09-Profile-Exhibition Details


Upload any awards you have earned to your profile by clicking on the Add Award button.

10-Profile-Add Award

You can detail who it was awarded by what the award is and the date it was awarded. Click Save to have the information upload to your profile.

11-Profile-Edit Award

OCADU Studies

Upload your program by clicking on the Add OCADU Program button.

12-Profile-Add OCADU Studies

By using the drop down menus you can detail your Faculty, Faculty Program, Degree Type, Program status and the year of program completion. Click Save to have the information upload to your profile.

13-Profile-Edit OCADU Programs

Other Studies

To add other studies, click the Add Studies button.

14-Profile-Add Other Studies

Fill in the fields with the information required for example a previous degree earned or past educational experience. Click Save to have the information upload to your profile.

15-Profile-Edit Other Studies

Areas of Expertise

Include areas of expertise to your profile but clicking the Add Area of Expertise button.

16-Profile-Add Areas of Expertise

Add an Area of Expertise. This could be relevant to your exhibition or otherwise. Click save to have the information upload to your profile.

17-Profile-Edit Areas of Expertise

Social Networks

Click the Add Social Networks button to upload links to your profile page.

Choose the Social Network by using the drop-down menu. Enter the URL. List order is the order the social network icons will appear on your page. Click Save to have the information upload to your profile.

19-Proflie-Edit Social Networks

Profile Image

Upload your profile picture here using this Select the file to upload button. Please keep in mind the file restrictions.

Maximum allowed file size: 1024 KB

Must be a 512 X 512 px image

Only .png, .jpg, and .jpeg files are allowed

Click Select the file to upload and choose a file on your computer. Click Save.


More Questions? Concerns?

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