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Updated: 19 March 2021 04:06 PM

This directory will act as your reference and guide to setting yourself up on the ePortfolio platform. You will receive an email inviting you to the current year's exhibition instance. Welcome! 

Getting GradEx 106 Updates:

  • Keep an eye on your OCAD U email inbox for announcements about new features being added to the platform! 
  • Please see the Get Ready for GradEx 106 web page for more information and updates for GradEx 106 as well! 

Once you've accepted your invitation for ePortfolio, sign up for one of these How-To sessions for an overview tutorial on how to navigate the ePortfolio platform and for Q&A.


GradEx Online Submissions How-To Sessions:

What is ePortfolio?

ePortfolio is an online platform that is being used to feature artists/designers/creators and their works by allowing them to represent themselves via profiles and their works via exhibitions. Before you begin, please read through all of the articles listed below.

How do I use ePortfolio?

Does ePortfolio accept any image?

There are some image formatting limitations for each of the sections. This table summarizes the image criteria for the various ePortfolio sections.

Profile Image

Maximum file size: 1MB
 512 X 512 px
File types:
.png .jpg .jpeg

Works Images

Maximum file size: 5MB
File types: .png .jpg .jpeg .gif
Embed: Video

Icon Link: PDF (OneDrive)

Works Thumbnails Maximum file size: 512KB
 256 X 256 px
File types:
 .png .jpg .jpeg
Collection Thumbnails Maximum file size: 512KB
 256 X 256 px
File types:
 .png .jpg .jpeg
Banner Image Maximum file size: 512KB
File types: .png .jpg .jpeg


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