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ePortfolio - Setting Up Your Works
Updated: 08 April 2021 04:20 PM

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What are Works?

  • In ePortfolio Works are a grouping of images belonging to a singular visual piece/article/artifact.
  • Works can be a single image but can also be a collection of images documenting an installation/sculpture/object.
  • In ePortfolio, Works are grouped within Collections

Creating Works

The basic workflow for creating Works in ePortfolio is to visit the Works tab and click Add new record. Fill out the required information and upload an image. Finally, upload a thumbnail image for the Work.

  1. Click the Works tab.

    Step 1 & 2

  2. Click Add new record

    Step 3

  3. Fill out all required information: 

    • Work Type
    • Work Title
    • Year Created
    • Overview - General details regarding the work
    • Controversial/Adult Content

  4. Click Save.

  5. Click Images to expand the images section.
  6. Click Add Work Image.
  7. Select the Image to upload and click Open.

    • Title: Should remain from before, can be used to specify angles/detail shots.
    • List Order: Numerical ordering (double digit; lowest/first is 10, next is 20, 30, 40, etc…).
    • Upload limitations: Maximum allowed file size: 5120 KB/5mb. Only .png, .jpg, .jpeg, and .gif files are allowed.

  8. Click Thumbnail Image to expand the thumbnail section.

    • This preview is visible from the Collections page
    • Maximum allowed file size: 512 KB
    • Must be a 256 X 256 px image
    • Only .png, .jpg, and .jpeg files are allowed

Work Details

Each Work has further details for you to customize.

Step 5

  • Collections
    • The Update button will allow you to assign the piece into a collection and adjust the ordering therein.
  •  Exhibitions
    • This is in reference to any other exhibitions the piece may have been featured in.
    • This is not related to the pre-existing exhibition on the ePortfolio platform.
  •  Awards
    • This refers to any awards the piece has won.
  •  Locations
    • If the work resides in a curated collection in a physical gallery, it can be specified here.


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