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Laptop Program: Toon Boom Harmony
Updated: 10 November 2020 04:41 PM

Toon Boom Harmony is an all in one 2D and 3D animation software for Mac and Windows.

Harmony 20, the industry's leading 2D animation software, brings the latest in digital drawing sensitivity to its brushes — every marking, every style, every texture you want to create and leave for the audience is felt. Rulers, guides, colour control & features as well as innovative deformers enrich your animation, bringing reality and fantasy within millimeters of each other.


Harmony is available only to students in INTM-2019 and INTM-3005 for 2020-21.

How do I get Harmony?

We are manually mail-merging licenses to eligible students in November 2020 with instructions.

How long does my license last?

Your license should be functional for 1-year from time of activation.

How do I learn Harmony?

Alongside curriculum in Integrated Media, Toon Boom provides learning supports at 

System Requirements

Please view the system requirements for Harmony here: 

How do I serialize Harmony?

  1. Download Harmony with the Provided instructions
  2. Select Activate License
  3. Select Internet Activation
  4. Select Single User
  5. Input your license key



License Key