Upgrade ForticlientVPN to ForticlientEMS
Updated: 23 April 2021 10:02 AM

To improve the security of VPN services, it required to all VPN users to upgrade the previous versions of Forticlient VPN to endpoint protection Forticlient EMS software.  The new integrated platform  provides VPN client protection with the following security features:

  • Malware Protection: AntiVirus, AntiExploit, Removable Media Access (like USB) scan
  • Application Firewall
  • Vulnerability Scan: this is to make sure the workstation is kept up-to-date with OS and software patch
  • Compliance check 


How To Upgrade



Uninstalling 6.0.10 Forticlient

1. First disconnect from Remote Access (VPN)

It should appear as Forticlient – Disconnected if you are not connected. Click on Unlock Setting located on the bottom right. It will ask you to enter your password.


6.0.10 uninstall 2

 3. Close and quit Forticlient by right-clicking Forticlient Icon and Quit 

 6.0.10 uninstall 3

 4. On the Menu bar, click on Go to open up ‘Applications’ and look for FortiClientUninstaller 

6.0.10 uninstall 4.1

 5. This window will open to ask you if you would like to remove Forticlient. Click Uninstall. It will prompt you to key in your password to make changes. Enter in your password and Click ‘OK’

6.0.10 uninstall 5.1

6.0.10 uninstall 5.2

 6. It will go through the process of uninstalling Forticlient and this message will pop up letting you know that it has been uninstalled successfully. Click Done once it is finished.

6.0.10 uninstall 6

 Installing NEW Upgraded Full Version Forticlient

1.Please go to IT Services Infodrive page Info Drive 

2.Scroll down and look for FortiClient_6.4.3.dmg

3. Click on it to download the .dmg file and open it. Select Install.mpkg

4-Run the Installer from the downloaded location by double-clicking on

 5-Click Continue.      


    6-Follow the instructions to install Forticlient. You will be prompted to agree to the terms and conditions and to enter in your password to install the software.            



  7-Click Install.            


  8-Enter the credentials you use to login to your Mac.  



 9-A window will let you know when the installation is completed.

6.4.1 Install 5


10-Open Forticlient.

 6.4.1 Install 6

11-Forticlient will already be set up. Key in your OCADU credentials to access VPN. 

 6.4.1 Install 7

9-After you have entered your username and password correctly your menu bar icon will indicate a successful VPN Connection. You now have a secure connection to the OCADU network.



Windows 10

  • First, remove the old version.
  • Close and quit Forticlient if it is running. In order to uninstall the FortiClient manually on the system, you need to follow the steps below:

 Disconnect FortiClient from EMS/FortiGate in the compliance tab


  • Unlock the settings from left bottom


  • Shut down the FortiClient from tool-bar by right-clicking on the FortiTray-->shut down

  • on the FortiTray-->shut down


  • Then download FCRemove.exe  software 
  • Click on and run the RCRemove.exe
  • Click "OK"

And a reboot is required to finish the uninstallation.


 Now it is time to install the new version of Forticlinet version 6.4.3. Please go to Info Drive and download and install FortiClientSetup_6.4.3_x64.exe on your laptop.

  • Install the new version
    • Download 
    • Install the software: you will need the local administrative privilege to install.  
    • Configure: 
      • Click on Fabric Telemetry, enter EMS server IP: ems.ocadu.ca. When prompted, type in Connecting Key “M5T 1W1” 

 After you have entered your username and password correctly your System Tray icon will indicate a successful VPN Connection. You now have a secure connection to the OCADU network.



Getting Help

Please book a time with IT staff if you require assistance on this process.  We are happy to help.  



  1. Do I have to upgrade to full protection Forticlient?
    Yes, it is required for all OCADU VPN users.  There will be a transition period for upgrading Forticlient and patching OS.  After that period the VPN server will detect the old VPN client and deny access. 
  2. What if  I am not running the latest OS or having vulnerabilities?
    It is highly recommended that you keep OS and other software updated all the time.  We will develop compliance enforcement policy with best security practice to ensure all i. More communication is expected when we have a timeline to implement the enforcement. 
  3. Should I remove Sophos Home premium?
    No, you don’t need to. You can choose Sophos Home Premium, or Forticlient as AntiVirus/AntiMalware protection. We will be licensed for Microsoft Windows Defender ATP soon which is recommended option to install.    
  4. Do I need to restart my computer?
    For Windows users,  yes, you will need to restart after uninstalling the old version.
    For Mac users,  no reboot is needed.

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