Knowledgebase: Administrative Staff
Self-Service Deployment: Alternative Windows Setup
Updated: 12 April 2021 04:31 PM

If you have just received a Windows laptop from OCAD U IT Services this guide details the recommended self-setup procedure. Follow along with this guide on a phone or another computer. You may or may not see all of these screens as part of the setup procedure, and the appearance and wording of some screens may differ slightly.

Before you begin, plug the computer into power and set it somewhere where it can sit for a while. Make sure there is an available Internet connection, whether by WiFi or Ethernet cable.

1. Turn on the computer. At the first screen, select Canada as your Region.

2. Select the US keyboard layout.

3. If you desire additional layouts, add them now, otherwise Skip.

4. Accept the End User License Agreement.

5. Important: Make sure to choose "Set up for an organization" or "Set up for work or school". Depending on how your laptop is configured you may not see this.

6. Type your OCAD U username, followed by and select Next

as in: 

7. You'll be redirected to the OCAD U Sign in page. Sign in with your OCAD U username and password.

8. You will now be requested to complete Multi-Factor-Authentication(MFA) using the Microsoft Authenticator App.

9. The computer will go through a configuration phase. Sit back and wait for a bit.

10. We recommend opting out of online speech recognition.

11. Enable Location services--this is necessary for certain applications to work properly.

12. Select 'Yes' for Find My Device

13. Select 'Send Required diagnostic data'

14. We recommend choosing 'No' for Inking and Typing data transmission.

15. Select 'No' for 'tailored experiences with diagnostic data'

16. Select 'No' for advertising ID usage

17. Your computer will go through another configuration phase, and you'll arrive at the Windows login screen. You can sign in with your OCAD U username and password at this point.

18. You will be asked to provide another MFA approval from the Authenticator app on your phone. Do so and proceed. If this step encounters an error, hit 'Cancel' to try the procedure again.

19. The computer will enter an account configuration phase, this will be over in a few minutes.

20. You'll be prompted to set up Windows Hello. This involves using a PIN or a biometric (fingerprint or facial identification) method. Click OK.

21. Even if you intend to use biometrics to sign in, your device requires a PIN. Set up one with 6 numbers at a minimum and click OK.

22. You are finished the setup procedure! Click OK.

23. The login will continue and take you to the desktop. At this point, our management service will have installed the Office and Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop applications in the background, as well as silently encrypting the data on the computer to keep it safe from theft.

Now that you have set up your account the computer is ready to use. You may wish to:

Sign into Outlook to get access to your email in the full desktop app.

Set up OneDrive sync to access your OneDrive files locally on your computer:

Install additional Adobe applications through the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App. You'll need to run the app for the first time and sign into it with your OCAD U email address. More information and troubleshooting for this process is here: