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Provisioning guest accounts on Eduroam
Updated: 30 September 2020 05:30 PM

Who is this document for?

Staff and faculty members who host guests at OCADU often require short-term wireless access for those guests.


First, some history

OCADU has managed a separate wireless network for guests ('OCADU-Guest') for several years. This network uses a captive portal ('splash screen') for authentication.  This system has three issues:

- first, broadcasting the network name incurs a surprisingly significant load on the wireless network.  This slows down access for all users, even those who use the OCADU network.  

- second, the captive portal requires an extra step for users authenticating to the network: typing credentials in the captive portal is an annoying step, especially when long-term users need to authenticate every time they use the network.

- third, the accounts are only valid for use at OCADU.


Eduroam Visitor Access

The Eduroam network provides connectivity for academic and research users who visit other institutions world-wide.  OCADU is a member of the Eduroam network.  Recently, the Eduroam network began supporting guest users via a feature called Eduroam Vistor access, or 'eVA'.  OCADU has implemented the changes necessary to support eVA.


How to provision and manage individual guest accounts

-First, to be set up as an administrator with the necessary privileges to create guest accounts, contact the IT Help Desk at x277 or

-Visit the eVA portal at

-When prompted to 'Select your organization' type OCAD University and click 'select'.


-On the dashboard, click 'Create Visitor'.  Enter the users's name and other information. Note that the email address needs to be accurate so the user can receive their credentials. Also note that the period of validity for user accounts is set according to your administrator account. IT staff can change this if required. Users will be sent credentials via email and/or SMS.


How to provision and manage group accounts

For groups containing users whose identities are not known in advance, group accounts can be created.  Go to 'my eVA' > 'My Groups'.  The number of members of a group is dependent on the maximum number of users as per your administrator account.



 Once the accounts are created, you will be able to view the accounts in a list.  For example is the user name, and 'eqcjp' is the password.  When creating user groups, the accounts are not linked to an email address:






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