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Bookings - Create a Bookings Page for Office Hours
Updated: 11 September 2020 02:04 PM

With Microsoft Bookings you can simply how students and peers book time with you. Bookings can automatically create virtual meetings in Teams. 

Note: Bookings was originally created for businesses and maintains a lot of business specific language. In our case, you are the "business" and student (or another member of the OCAD U community) is the customer.

Bookings is very customizable. In this example, we are modifying the default service to create an Office Hours Booking Page. There are many options in Bookings, this article deals with the most basic. To learn more about managing Bookings, please schedule time with IT Support.

Create a Bookings Site for Office Hours
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Create a Bookings Site for Office Hours

Watch the video below to see how to create a Bookings Site. Below the video is the written instructions.

  1. Go to and click Bookings.

  2. A prompt appears for information about your business. Enter your name for the Business name. (Business type is optional.) Click Continue. The Bookings calendar is created, click OK.

  3. The first step is to redefine the default Service. Click on Services. The Manage services page opens.
  4. Click Initial consult. The Service details page opens.

  5. Make the following changes to the Service details. 
    • Service name: Enter a name for this Service. For instance, "Office Hours."
    • Description: Enter a description for your Office Hours. For instance, "Grab 30 minutes with me for an appointment."
    • Add online meeting: Enable this toggle to create a Teams meeting for every booking of this service.
    • Default Duration: The duration of a meeting created by booking this service. In this case, it is set to 30 minutes. 
    • Use the default scheduling policy: Disable. This allows you to create other Services with different settings.
    • Scheduling policy: Set to your preference. You can set the default time increments, the Minimum lead time for a booking and the Maximum lead time. In this example, the default time increment is 30 minutes, the Minimum lead time is 4 hours and the Maximum lead time is 30 days.
    • General availability: Leave as Booking when staff are free. 
    • Click +Set different availability for a date range. Choose a date range for this service, for example, from September to December. For availability select Custom hours (recurring weekly). Set your availability for Bookings using the dropdown menus. To remove a day of the week, click the X beside the time. In this example, this service is bookable Monday and Tuesday from 9am to 5pm and on Wednesdays from 8am to noon. 
    • Click the thumbnail below to see a screenshot of this configuration.

  6. Click Save. The Service has now been changed. You can add additional services via the Add a service button.
  7. Click Staff. The Manage staff page opens.
  8. You are the only staff member. Click Your Name. The Staff details page opens.
  9. Make the following changes to the Staff details:
    • Email notifications: Make sure this is enabled.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Click Booking Page. The booking page settings opens.
  12. Make the following changes to the Booking Page:
    • Require a Microsoft 365 or Office 365 account from my organization to book: Enable. This prevents non-OCADU users from booking you.
    • Disable direct search engine indexing of booking page: Enable. This prevents your Booking Page from appearing on sites like Google or Bing.
    • Notify the business via email when a booking is created or changed: Enable. In this case, you are the business.
    • Send a meeting invite to the customer, in addition to the confirmation email: Enable. This will make sure a meeting invite is created for the customer (typically a student). 
    • Allow customers to choose a specific person for the booking: Disable. You are the only staff available.
    • Click the thumbnail below to see a screenshot of this configuration.

  13. Click Save and publish. The Bookings Page is now published. Visit the page by clicking Open published page. Share your page via email with the email icon or copy the link with the Copy button.

Tips and Advice

  • Your Business Name can't be edited once you have created it. If you need a change to the Business Name, email
  • Booking Pages can't be deleted. If you no longer want to use Bookings, unpublish your page.
  • If you want to cancel a booking, do it from the Bookings Calendar. Don't decline the invite from Outlook, it doesn't delete the booking.
  • Don't add multiple Booking Pages. Create a single Booking Page and add Services  (eg. office hours, course specific appointments, advising appointments). 
  • When you set Buffer Times be aware of how they appear in your Outlook calendar.
    • Buffer After: If you create a 30 minute meeting with a 10 minute buffer after the meeting, your Outlook calendar will show a 40 minute meeting.
    • Buffer Before: If you add a 10 minute buffer before a meeting, your Outlook calendar will display the meeting including the buffer time and starting earlier than the booking time. For instance if a student booked you for 2:00pm and you have a 10 minute before buffer, your Outlook calendar will show the meeting starting at 1:50pm but your booking isn't until 2:00pm.
    • Buffer Details: The buffer details are always in body of the meeting details. The details include the Time with customer so you know when the booking starts and stops.

  • In the Staff details there is an option called Events on Office calendar affect availability. If that option is enabled, Bookings will honour your calendar and not allow bookings at times when you have other events. It does not matter if you have accepted or declined a meeting, if it is in your calendar, Bookings will block off that time. For instance, if Wellness Wednesday is in your Outlook calendar, Bookings will not allow students to book time with you during Wellness Wednesday. Disabling this feature will allow bookings regardless of your calendar.

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