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Microsoft Teams: 3rd Party Webcams Missing from Teams
Updated: 20 November 2020 11:59 AM

If you depend on a third-party webcam in Teams, and you're using Microsoft Teams Version, your third-party webcam may be missing. Microsoft is planning on fixing this issue, but until then:

1. First, exit out of Teams

2. Open ApplicationsTerminal and issue the following commands:

3. Install XCode. If you havent installed xcode previously, first run:

xcode-select --install

4. Run:

xcode-select --install (only if you haven't already)

sudo codesign --remove-signature "/Applications/Microsoft"

sudo codesign --remove-signature "/Applications/Microsoft Teams"

sudo codesign --remove-signature "/Applications/Microsoft Teams Helper (GPU).app"

sudo codesign --remove-signature "/Applications/Microsoft Teams Helper (Plugin).app"

sudo codesign --remove-signature "/Applications/Microsoft Teams Helper (Renderer).app"

5. Open up Teams.  Teams will ask you to enter your administrator password to allow the (now) unsigned application to access your keychain.

6. Once entering your password and selecting, "Always Allow", the issue should be resolved. (At least until the next update to teams is released).


Alternative Workaround

Use Teams in Chrome or Edge browser.