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Adobe Media Encoder: Re-encoding video for smaller file size
Updated: 05 August 2020 10:46 AM

Sometimes, you may find yourself with a video file that is troublesome because of its large file size. For instance, large video files are harder to stream for users who have slower internet. They can also be harder to stream when a user is further away geographically. 

To make a video's file size smaller, try re-encoding the video with Adobe Media Encoder. Media Encoder is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud and can be installed from the Creative Cloud desktop application.

In the example below, a 707MB video file was re-encoded using Media Encoder. The encoding preset used is "Twitter 1080p Full HD." The resulting mp4 file was 203MB, 71% smaller than the original. The cost is in definition and fidelity but the difference between the two files is negligible. 

The basic procedure to re-encode with Media Encoder is:

  1. Choose the source file via the Media Browser or by dragging it into the Queue.
  2. Drag a preset from the System Presets to the source file in the Queue. A good preset to ensure small size is "Twitter 1080p Full HD."
  3. Verify the name and destination of the re-encoded file.
  4. Click Start.

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