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Faculty Laptop Pickup FAQ
Updated: 12 February 2021 02:29 PM

What health & safety measures are in place for staff and faculty in regards to this process? 

IT Services worked with our colleagues in Safety & Security Services and Facilities to develop a process that places priority on health & safety. Click here to learn more.

How do I migrate my data from my old laptop to my new laptop?

OneDrive is the recommended and supported platform for data storage at OCAD U. It is the only online storage solution that complies with the Data Classification Policy and the use of OneDrive ensures that your data is secure. Migrating all of your files to OneDrive greatly simplifies the process of switching laptops. Click here for instructions on migrating your data to OneDrive.

We recommend backing up your browser bookmarks and saving those to your OneDrive folder:

Users who have an existing Time Machine workflow in place are welcome to continue using Time Machine. Instructions can be found here.

Will you help me migrate my data when I pickup my new laptop?

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, campus closure and ongoing health concerns the recommendation is for ‘zero touch’ deployment of new laptops. This means we are unable to provide in-person assistance on campus. Help Desk staff have been hard at work through the summer to provide supports for Faculty taking a new laptop home and we are available to provide assistance.

Is the new computer preconfigured with all the software I need? How do I get my software?

Once you pass the initial setup stage your new laptop will have the Microsoft Office suite installed as well as the Adobe Creative Cloud App.

  • Microsoft Office: When you first launch any of the MS Office applications you will be prompted to login, please do so using your OCAD U credentials.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: Please download the Adobe Creative Cloud Application. Once installed, launch the Creative Cloud App and click on “sign in”. Please click “enterprise ID” and enter your Faculty email, you will be taken to the OCAD U login page. Once logged in you can use the Adobe Creative Cloud app to download and install Adobe software. More instructions here.
  • Other software will need to be installed (see Download Software):

What size of laptop is available? 

IT Services has leased a mix of one-hundred (100) 13” and 16” Macbook Pros. These new units are slated to replace our aging fleet of 2013 and 2015 MacBook Pros. If you prefer a 13” laptop for portability please let us know. Faculty who rely on 3D software or more graphically intensive software are being prioritized for 16" MacBook Pro models. Please be aware that due to budget constraints and the 30% increase in cost of Apple hardware over the last few years, we cannot guarantee your laptop will be replaced with a laptop of a similar size. 

I need Windows, how do I get that working on my Mac loaner?

Please refer to this knowledgebase article and/or contact us about this and we will schedule an appointment to support you through the setup procedure remotely. You can get a head start by downloading the Windows 10 64-bit ISO here.

Will I be able to connect all my usual accessories to the new laptop?

As part of your loan you will be provided with a USB-C multi-port adapter that includes:

  • HDMI
  • 3 x USB A (traditional USB)
  • USB-C Power Delivery (you can connect your charger to the adapter and it provides power to the laptop keeping one of your USB-C ports free)
  • Ethernet
  • SD/Micro SD Card Slot

How do I get support if I have more questions?

We’re here to help! Please contact us at or you can reach out to us on Teams: