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Faculty - Restore Data Using Time Machine
Updated: 15 October 2020 05:12 PM

Migration Assistant Restore (Mac)

Please Note:

  • The IT Services Help Desk Migration Assistant Restore Instructions differ from Apple's official instructions.
  • Before starting this process, please ensure that your have your Mac plugged into its power adapter, and that you have time to monitor the process. Restoring your data may take up to a few hours.

1. Set Up Your Mac

2. Transfer Information to this Mac

  • Plug your Time Machine external drive into your Mac
  • Select From Time Machine or other disk
  • Click Continue


3. Select the Source

This process will take time and it depends on the size of your time machine back up, as well as how much data is stored on the external hard drive. A loading screen that displays the following message, "Looking for other sources" will appear. Don't be alarmed.

Your Time Machine backup drive will appear, represented by an icon with the name of the drive underneath. Click on this icon to select it as your restoration source.

  • Click Continue

A backup record with the old name of your computer will show up in a white box below the drive icon. Select this to restore from this specific backup.

  • Click Continue

4. Transfer Your Information

IMPORTANT! You have to Uncheck a number of items for your software to work properly after restoration. See list below and pictures for details. 

  • DESELECT (Uncheck) Applications Folder **If you do not deselect this, you will have issues with Adobe CC**
  • DESELECT Computer & Network Settings
  • CLICK EDIT besides Documents & Data
    • DESELECT any accounts that are not yours if you share the computer with someone else. 
    • SELECT the drop-down triangle beside YOUR user account. If you do not see the drop down triangle yet, you need to wait for it to load. 
    • From the drop-down list of your account, DESELECT: Applications (if you see it), Other Data, Other Files and Folders 

Click Continue

IF GIVEN THE OPTION, Please select "Replace "adminlocal" on this mac. 

Migration Assistant

5. Data Transfer

Wait for this process to complete: do not interrupt it, put your computer to sleep or close the lid.

data transfer

6. Finishing Up