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Online Events - Example Plan
Updated: 09 September 2020 09:16 PM

IT Services staff are available to provide guidance and support. To get started, please tell us about your event by filling out the Online Event Support Form. Login on the left hand side of the screen, click on Submit a ticket and select Online Event Support Form. This is the best way to capture important details about your event and provides a great starting point for a discussion.  

Below is an example plan for an online event. 


How We Saved the Day: A look back at all of the adventures.

When: April 14, 2021 - 1:00pm EST


Dr. Bruce Banner: Introduction
Pepper Potts: Host
Dr. Stephen Strange: Speaker
Wanda Maximoff: Speaker
Nick Fury: Surprise Q&A Guest
Sam Wilson: Chat Moderator
Bucky Barnes: Chat Moderator
Shuri: IT Support
Groot: Record Event

Audience: Approximately 150 attendees.


Microsoft Teams video conference. PowerPoint will be used by Pepper Potts. All other speakers will be using only Teams.


Live captions will be recorded with event recording. Attendees can also enable live captions during the event. Interpreters are not required. 

Participant Reminders

  • Close all applications that are not needed for the event.
  • Mute on-screen notifications.
  • If possible, connect your computer via ethernet cable or sit close to your router and ask others in your home to not to use wifi during the webinar.
  • Use a mic or headset, mute your mic when not speaking/presenting

Introduction to Include

  • Overview of event agenda.
  • Land acknowledgment.
  • Explain online conduct and etiquette guidelines.
  • Ask participants to stay muted unless recognized by a moderator.
  • Encourage participants to use the chat for questions. Some will be answered in chat and others will be asked during Q&A portion. Explain how to access the chat panel via the meeting controls.
  • Explain that live captioning is available. Explain how to access captioning via the meeting controls.
  • Show the raise hand feature in the meeting controls. Explain that raised hands will not be addressed until Q&A portion.

Agenda - Pre-Meeting

Time Task/Event Person(s)
12:00pm Pre-Meeting Start All Participants
12:00pm Potts and Banner discuss overall flow of event Potts, Banner
12:10pm Moderators, IT Support, and Recording staff provide tips and last minute details. Provide support to attendees with last minute questions. Wilson, Barnes, Shuri, Groot
12:20pm Wrap-up and questions All Participants
12:30pm Pre-Meeting End All Participants

Agenda - How We Saved the Day

Time Task/Event Person(s)
12:45pm Start event, enable live captions, begin recording Groot
12:50pm Support staff sign-in Wilson, Barnes, Shuri, Groot
12:55pm Host and speaker sign-in Banner, Potts, Strange, Maximoff
1:00pm Announce meeting will begin momentarily, encourage attendees to mute themselves Banner
1:05pm Event start - Introduction Banner
1:15pm Host - How we got here Potts
1:30pm Host - Interviews Speakers Potts, Strange, Maximoff
2:15pm Host - Begins Q&A - asks moderators for any questions that have so far gone unanswered in chat Potts, Wilson, Barnes
2:45pm Surprise Q&A guest signs-in for questions Potts, Fury
2:55pm Closing Remarks Potts, Banner
3:00pm End Event Groot