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Self-Service Deployment - Apple Alternative Setup Process
Updated: 12 April 2021 11:48 AM

In the case that you receive an Apple computer from OCAD U and are going through the guide described here:

Self-Service Deployment: Apple Computers

and do *not* see the Remote Management screen in step 5, please follow these steps:

Proceed to perform the rest of the user account setup procedure. You will see additional screens at this time due to the lack of management. You may be asked to enter an Apple ID or to enable encryption. Skip these steps for now and elect to perform them later. Once you have created your user account and arrive at the desktop, follow the remaining steps in this guide.

This guide also applies to computers that have been set up but were never enrolled.


open the Terminal application (Located in Applications/Utilities)


After the Terminal window loads, type this command, pressing Enter at the end:


sudo profiles renew -type enrollment


You will be asked to enter a password. This is the password for the computer account you just created. Type it in and press Enter. You won't see any input or characters while you type in the password.

You'll now see a bubble notification appear in the top right of your screen that looks like this:


Click it and you'll be taken to this window.

Click 'Allow' and you'll be asked for your computer password. After you enter that, you'll be prompted to enter your OCAD U credentials as shown below.

Your username must be entered in the form of

The next window will show your computer has downloaded the management profile and is successfully enrolled:

After this, you should restart and perform the "enable encryption" steps of the setup guide after step 10 in the Knowledge Base article: