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Copy & Print Services: Service Depot and Online Services Summary
Updated: 08 March 2021 10:07 AM

Copy & Print Services: Service Depot (Curbside Pickup)


 The University will be providing students, faculty and staff with access to an in-person Service Depot on Monday and Thursday mornings. The Service Depot will be located in the Auditorium at 100 McCaul St.

 Important Info:

  • Dates: Starting Thursday March 11
  • When: Mondays and Thursdays, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • Where: 1st Floor Auditorium, 100 McCaul St.
  • What: Copy & Print Services will have a pickup desk from which orders can be retrieved
  • Who: This service is available to all members of the OCADU Community


The process can be simplified to four simple steps!

  1. Order up!
  2. Eyes up!
  3. B O O K
  4. Pick up!



  1. Sign in to our Job Ticketing System (JT) to submit your order (Order Up!)
    1. While being reviewed, Copy & Print Service Staff may contact you via JT if we require any extra info or if changes need to be made to the file. (Eyes Up!)
  2. After we've finished working on your order, you will receive a prompt to book for pickup on the Service Depot Booking Page. (B O O K)
  3. Arrive at your designated pickup time at the Auditorium (Rm 190, 100 McCaul St.) to receive your order and be on your way! (Pick Up!)



  1. Contact us at (Order Up!)
    1. Be sure to include:
      1. The files to print
      2. Instructions for each file (copies, colour/B&W, etc…)
      3. Any relevant charging info (GL Account, user in lieu, etc..)
  2. Copy & Print Services Staff will respond and ensure all details are confirmed before printing. (Eyes Up!)
  3. Following production, you will be prompted to book a pickup appointment on the Service Depot Booking Page. (B O O K)
  4. Arrive at your designated pickup time at the Auditorium (Rm 190, 100 McCaul St.) to receive your order and be on your way! (Pick Up!)


Things to note:

  • We currently do not provide same-day turnaround. Orders typically must be submitted 1 business day in advance and will be available the next Service Depot Day.
  • If there are no pick-up orders scheduled, staff will be on-site but not staffing the Service Depot table.
  • Students, Staff & Faculty are encouraged to communicate with Copy & Print Staff via GOHST (see below) for any questions or print-related chit-chat!


Safety & Security Protocol:

Please review Safety Protocols under OCADU's Gradual Reopen Strategy before visiting the campus.



 GOHST Banner

Graphics Output Help, Service, & Training (GOHST)


What is GOHST?

  • GOHST is a service provided by Copy & Print to aid OCADU Community Members (Primarily Students) in understanding file formatting for the purpose of print output.
  • GOHST also offers technical support and expertise to staff and faculty for professional development as well as assistance for courses/student groups. This is typically in the form of workshops and information sessions.


What's different from the service we've provided before?

  • GOHST is an adaptation of our pre-existing service capability of walk-in print output assistance, informational/promotional outreach, and general physical presence in the OCAD U community.
  • What we cannot accomplish in person, we can now do so online.


GOHST Services

  • GOHST Teams Group (Microsoft Teams)
    • GOHST on Teams allows any member of the OCAD U Community to contact us on an open forum and chat with our staff
    • It is also the host group for our various live sessions:
      • Open Mic Sessions are live FAQs, ensuring blocks of time where our staff can reply instantaneously. This also allows participants to listen in passively.
      • How-To's will be aired to allow participants a chance to ask questions about the process as it happens.
      • There may also be other opportunities and workshops available in the future!
  • GOHST Booking
    • The GOHST Booking system allows the OCAD U Community to book specific, 1-on-1 time with our staff to tackle anything related to Copy & Print.
    • There are various session types to help narrow down what
  • GOHST CANVAS Course (Work in progress!)
    • This CANVAS Course is the static resource for Print Training, providing short videos and external articles and media.
    • Enrollment and subsequent viewing of Published Modules is intended for anyone in the OCAD U Community 


General Inquiry

Feel free to Email us at!

We are also on Twitter: @OCADUPrintShop


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