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Zoom Security Features
Updated: 15 December 2020 10:16 AM

Keep Zoom Meetings Secure and Reduce the Odds of Unwanted Guests

Zoom's offers a number of security settings and features to help reduce the possibility of unknown or unwelcome attendees joining your meeting or webinar, because if someone sneaks in, they could listen, capture screenshots, or disrupt the meeting with unwanted video or audio.

Keep your Zoom client up to date and keep your meetings secure. 

Learn how to update your Zoom client

Security setting options before your Zoom meeting 

The following options are available when scheduling your Zoom meeting:

Pre-Meeting Security Settings

  • Always Generate meeting IDs Automatically
  • Enable Passcode
  • Enable Waiting Room - allows host to prepare or hold a in camera session

Under the Advanced options 

  • Do not select Allow participants to Join anytime 

  • Enable Mute participants upon entry

For larger public meetings use Registration option to control when and how your attendee receives the Zoom meeting link. 
Learn how to setup Registration feature for a meeting 

Security options during your meeting for Host (or Co-Host) 

During your Zoom meeting you can instantaneously access the security controls.

Security Options During Meeting  

  1. Select the Security icon to access options.
  2. Choose following options:

    Remove Participant will remove the participant permanently from the meeting

    The following options can be changed during the meeting: 
    Lock Meeting will prevent new participants from joining the meeting
    Enable Waiting Room will place new attendees into a Waiting Room

    Hide Profile Picture will replace picture with name of the participant

    Allow participants to:
    Share Screen – see section Security options for Screen Sharing

    Rename Themselves

    Unmute Themselves

    Start Video 

Security options for Screen Sharing

During your meeting the host (or co-host) can control who and when participants can Screen Share.

Screen Share Options

  1. Select Share Screen (^).
  2. Choose the options that fit your meeting needs.