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TechSmith Knowmia: How can students download a video?
Updated: 30 July 2020 10:09 AM

The ability to download Knowmia media is turned off by default. If a student needs to download media for offline viewing, the media owner must enable the download setting. This setting is a per-media setting. If a student requires multiple videos, each one would need the download setting enabled.

The download setting is located in the Privacy tab of a video. Click the Allow media download checkbox to enable download. Please note that the downloaded media will not contain captions, quizzing or other Knowmia enhancements.

Once the download setting is enabled. Click the Share button and choose Get a Link. Copy and send that link to the student.

Students will visit the link and they can find the download option by clicking the ⋮ More button. The ⋮ More button does not appear when a video is embedded in Canvas, the ⋮ More button only appears on the Knowmia page. 


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