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IT Security: Sophos Home Premium (Personal Devices)
Updated: 11 February 2021 11:30 AM

If you are not using an OCAD U provisioned laptop, directly managed and supported by IT Services, please review the following.

OCAD U IT Services is recommending that if you are using a personal device (Windows or macOS) that does not already have Endpoint Protection Software that you consider installing Sophos Home Premium license for up to 10 devices per registration at no cost. OCAD U is a Sophos customer and Sophos protection is being provided as a promotion in response to COVID-19 and work from home requirements. The Sophos Home Premium license and software will remain active on your devices for one year after installation.

You must use your OCAD U work email to receive a unique activation code but then please use a personal email address for account registration.  

To receive your license and software please follow the instructions here: If you have any issues with installation or configuration please refer to the Sophos Home - Getting started guide or send an email to