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OCAD U Webspace Overview
Updated: 12 March 2021 10:51 AM

Webspace - Web Server

For users of this service, please note that when you attempt to login with your SFTP client on/after March 19,2021, you will be prompted to accept new SSH Host Keys by your SFTP client. You must accept/allow the update of the SSH host keys when prompted or you will not be able to connect.

All students and faculty members have access to OCAD Webspace ( in order to facilitate curriculum. This server is a tool for educational uses only and usage is bound by OCAD’s Acceptable Use (AUP) and Web Technology Policies. This service is monitored regularly for usage inconsistent with OCAD’s published policy documents.

User Accounts

Your username and password for this service is the same as your OCADUid (eg. jdoe, doej, aa13bb, 3150001) and password.

If you change your password your password for this service automatically changes as well. Your account will allow you to have SFTP access to the server only. Shell access is not provided.

SFTP - A set of ground rules (a "protocol") that allows two computers to exchange files securely over a network. When you connect to a server using SFTP, encryption is used to protect your password and the data transferred between your computer and the server. SFTP stands for "SSH File Transfer Protocol," although it is also sometimes referred to as "Secure File Transfer Protocol."

All students and faculty members with an active OCAD account automatically have access to this service, however, your access is not fully active until you login to the server with a SFTP client at least once. 


SFTP Client

A SFTP compliant client must be used to gain access to the server. We recommend: FileZilla Client (Windows/Mac).

Username: Your OCADUid (eg. jdoe, doej, aa13bb, 3150001)
Password: Your OCADU Password
Port Number: 22 (should be the default)
Protocol: SFTP (Not FTP - Very Important!)

Configuration Example - FileZilla


Click File -> Site Manager

The Site Manager windows opens.

FileZilla Site Manager

  1. Click the New Site button.
  2. Give the site a name, for example "OCAD Webspace". 
  3. Select SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol beside Protocol.
  4. In the Host field enter:
  5. In the Port field enter: 22
  6. Select Normal beside Logon Type.
  7. Enter your OCADUid and password.
  8. Click Connect.


SFTP programs will display the directory contents of the remote server. Simply drag files and folders to either upload or download.


  • You can drag and drop files as needed to/from your local computer.
  • Any file you wish to be accessible through a web browser, MUST reside within the 'www' folder, which is inside your home folder.
  • A placeholder (temporary) 'index.html' will already exist in your 'www' folder on the server. You may delete this file and create your own index.html file. When browsing to<OCADUid> the index.html file is always the default file that is rendered and displayed. Try it! 

Browsing to Your Site

You may browse to your website using the following URL format:<OCADUid>

Replace<OCADUid> with something valid (eg. jdoe, doej, aa13bb, 3150001). The “ ~ “ (tilde) symbol before the username is very important.

Troubleshooting Common Problems

Username and Password: Remember, your password is case-sensitive. Your username and password are the same as your OCADUid username and password.

SFTP Protocol: Check that you have selected SFTP as the protocol to connect with in your client. You will NOT be able to connect otherwise.

Host Name: Double check that you are using the correct server/host name – use

Can't See Content in Web Browser: Make sure to place files in your 'www' folder? All web accessible content must be placed in this folder to be viewable on the internet by a web browser.

Permission denied error(s): Are you in the right directory? Try disconnecting and reconnecting to the server to easily rectify this.