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Password Management Software: What, Why, Where and How
Updated: 11 February 2021 11:30 AM

What is a password manager and why should I use one?

Using a password manager is a great way to improve how we store passwords that are hard to remember.

You might be used to writing passwords down in a notebook. Using a password manager is like that, except it makes it easier for you by automatically typing the passwords in for you to websites, and storing the password information in a safer, more secure way.

Password managers are also great at generating complex passwords that are more secure than simple, commonly used words.

It's a great way to protect your information by using more secure passwords that aren't the same as ones from other sites, so that if someone somehow gets your password for one website, they won't know your password for anything else, because all of your passwords are different.

Since you don't need to remember your passwords, you can use different, complex passwords for every website or service you access.

Sounds good, where do I get one? Do I have to pay for this?

There are many password managers available. Not all of them are free. Usually for the ones that are free there is a 'premium' plan that you have to pay for which gets you more features such as the ability to synchronize your passwords across multiple devices.

Some of the password managers we recommend are:

Lastpass (free for individuals with multiple devices -- paid tier gives sharing, extra security)
Bitwarden (free for individuals with multiple devices -- paid tier has extra security features)
Dashlane (free for one device, limited passwords -- paid tier gives multiple devices and unlimited number of passwords)

How do I install and use a password manager?

You will first need to create an account with the password management service you've chosen.

After that you will need to download the password manager's software. Most managers have a browser extension that makes it easy to enter passwords into websites and save or generate new passwords, however they may also have a separate program that makes it easier to browse and edit the information stored in your account.

After you've created an account and installed the browser extension, usage of the software is designed to make it easy to save, fill, and generate new passwords from within your preferred browser.

I have more questions!

We can't provide all that information here, but here are some links to the support pages of each of each of the managers we've recommended:

Lastpass Support:
Bitwarden Support:
Dashlane Support: