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Canvas: Assignment Mute Option Update
Updated: 26 August 2020 09:36 AM

The Mute Grades option has recently been replaced by Course and Assignment Grading Posting Policies. This involves a slight change in the way that you indicate which grades should be muted, but it does allow you to mute all assignments by default at the beginning of the term. 

Are Grades Visible to Students?

You can determine if grades for a specific assignment are visible by checking the dropdown menu: note the “all grades posted” item.

Grade posting policy updates only apply to newly posted grades. To hide grades that have already been posted, use the Hide grades option in the assignment dropdown.

Mute Grades for Students

Course Grade Posting Policy

To change the default hiding behaviour for all assignments, you can set the course grade posting policy.

Step 1
In the Grades page, click the settings icon on the top right.

Step 2
Click the Grade Posting Policy tab.

Step 3
Select the Manually Post Grades option. When the Manually Post Grades option is selected, grades are hidden from student view by default and must be posted to be viewed by students.

To apply changes to the grade posting policy, click the Update button.

Assignment Grading Policy

To change the grade hiding behaviour for a specific assignment, set the assignment grade posting policy. 

Step 1
In the Grades page, click on the three dots beside the Assignment you wish to Mute.

Step 2
Click Grade Posting Policy.

Step 3
Select the Manually option, scroll down and click Save.

Step 4
You will now notice an eye icon beside the Assignment, this indicated your assignment is now muted and you can begin grading and your students will not see their grades.

When you are ready for your students to see their graded, click on the three dots beside the Assignment and select Post grades.

Choose either Everyone or Graded and click Post
Everyone: All students will be able to see their grad and/or submission comments.
Graded: Students who have received a grade or a submission comment will be able to see their grade and/or submission comments.


You will get a notification when this is complete.

Orange Eye Icon

The Orange Eye Icon will appear when something has been submitted and it has been graded in the current grade column. The column is still muted. When the eye becomes a gray color,  it indicates that a grade column is set to manual posting. This is the same as muting. When grades are placed in this column, they will not be visible to students until the instructor manually posts the grades.

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