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OCAD U 365: Forms Workaround for Admin Notifications to Multiple Recipients
Updated: 12 February 2020 09:34 AM

For those new to using Forms, please review this article before proceeding:
OCAD U 365: Getting Started with Microsoft Forms

In Forms, the default setting for email notifications to be sent is to the owner of the form. There is no specific field where you can change the email that the "admin" notifications go to with a link to the new response.

This is the workaround to get new response notifications to send to multiple recipients. By changing the owner of the form to a group, all members will receive the "admin" notifications.

To do this, a new team needs to be created in Teams or an existing team can be used if all members who need to receive the notification are on the Team, otherwise all members need to be added to the Team.

Note: All members on the team will receive all notifications for the form via email to their inboxes, so please ensure that you're using a Team that's made for this purpose. Also, keep in mind that all members on the team will have editing privileges for the form.

Manage Team Team Membership


Once this is done, a new form can be created or an existing form can be moved to the group:

My Form


Click on the 3 dots on the top right of the form:


The team options will appear in a panel on the right-hand side:
Team Options


Select the team you want to move the form to and click on the "Move" button at the bottom of that right-hand panel:
Select Team


The form will move from "My Forms" to "Group Forms" and by default, you'll see your most recent group forms:
Group Forms - Recent

Click on the team that you moved your form to:
Group Forms - By teams

The form now belongs to the group:
Group Forms - In Group

Under the form's "Settings", ensure that the tick boxes to receive the notifications are checked and turned on:


Test that the form is working correctly by sharing the link to the form.
Note: When copying/pasting and sharing links, please ensure that you're sharing the correct link by opening and testing them from where you pasted them.

Share Settings 

Troubleshooting Steps:

From Planner, click on the three dots and on members to go to the group in Outlook:


In Outlook, click on your team and check that the group has an email address:

Outlook Group

Check that the group also has the Mail app:


If the Outlook group has no email address and no Mail app, please create a ticket or contact the IT Help Desk to troubleshoot. Please provide screenshots of your issue. The likely problem is that group is hidden in Outlook and needs to be unhidden in order for the emails to work.

No Outlook Group


Test your form and the notifications will show up in all member's email inboxes:

New reponse

Respondents also have the option to receive a link to a copy of their answers:

View My Response

Voila! Happy forms creating!

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 View My Responses.png (62.69 KB)
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 Team Membership.png (116.60 KB)
 Move.png (53.12 KB)
 My Form.png (53.69 KB)
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 Group_Forms_-_Recent.png (107.23 KB)
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