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Old Laptops for Sale: 2019
Updated: 03 December 2019 01:33 PM

IT Services is releasing older Apple and PC laptops from service, and we are making these available to StudentsFaculty and Staff on a first come, first served basis.

Date:Monday,  December 9th  at  8:00am

Location: IT Services Help Desk, room 341, 100 McCaul St.  

These laptops are suitable for web surfing and light office applications and are sold with no warranty or after sales support, all machines are tested working. These computers are not recommended for students in the Laptop Program because they fall well below our recommended minimum specifications, do not have a warranty,  and will not be eligible for support at the Help Desk. Students are recommended to consult our knowledge articles on Apple Refurbished Laptops and to consult Financial Aid if they require assistance. 

Laptops available for sale: 

About the Laptop Sale: 

  • Sizes range from 13” to 15” models 
  • Prices range from $75 to $300 per machine 
  • Most computers are sold without matching power adapters – we need to keep what chargers we have available for loans.  
  • We have some Apple Magsafe chargers available for sale, first generation: $35.00 – first come first served 
  • Apple chargers are available from Apple and/or Amazon, among others. Used chargers can be sourced on Ebay/Kijiji/Craigslist.  
  • Mac OS X 10.14  freshly installed (no additional 3rd-party software) 

Conditions of sale: 

  • All computers are sold “as is” without any warranty or supportfinal sale.  
  • All computers have been tested working and have typical wear and tear for computers their age 
  • Sale is first come, first served 
  • Users can purchase 1 laptop only 
  • Please present your OCAD U ID card at time of purchase 
  • Line up/sale starts at 8:00amat the IT Services Help Desk - MCA 341 
  • We will hand out numbers to the first 20 people that line up 
  • Folks will get a chance to look at the laptops briefly on the day of the sale before committing to a purchasing decision 
  • Once a laptop is decided on we will place your number and name on the laptop for purchase 
  • Laptops are to be paid for at the cashier’s office once your selection has been confirmed, and we will hold it until you return from the cashier’s office.  
  • Computers must be paid for and taken off-site the same day-- we will not  hold laptops 
  • We appreciate your patience if you plan on lining up 


Laptop Sale FAQ 

Q: What does obsolete and vintage mean? 

A: Apple defines this clearly here and we would encourage you to read this before buying one of our Apple laptops. 


Q: You said the Apple laptops are installed with MacOS 10.14 Mojave. Can IT install a different version instead? 

A: No. But you can, either through the AppStore application, or macOS Recovery 


Q: The Laptop list indicates that the screen on some of the Apple laptops is “delaminating” - what does that mean? 

A: These models have an anti-reflective coating that was applied over the screens during the manufacturing process. It was discovered by some users that over time, this coating began to wear out (or “delaminate”) for various reasons. Apple has since fixed this flaw with newer models and initiated a Screen-Replacement Program for delaminating screens -- for a limited time, however. In the case of laptops being sold with delaminating screens, that was cosmetic damage that occurred after the program closed, and could not be replaced as a result. We are selling these at a lower cost. 


Q: If power adapters are not available, how can I get one?  


  • Used: Power adapters are available on the used market and can be found on sites like Kijiji, Ebay and Craigslist.  
  • New: Magsafe 2 power adapters are available from Apple and are suitable for the 2013 MacBook Pros that are for sale.  
  • 2012 and older Macbook Pros require the original Magsafe adapter which is no longer available new.  
  • Aftermarket Magsafe 1 and Magsafe 2 adapters are available at places like Amazon and Ebay. We cannot comment on the quality, please read reviews and do your homework. 
  • Used power adapters for the Lenovo and HP laptops we have for sale may be found on places like Ebay, or new aftermarket through Amazon and other retailers.