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OCAD U 365: Student Launch
Updated: 20 July 2020 02:23 PM

Your OCAD U student email has moved from Gmail to OUTLOOK!

Access your student email via, click on "Student Email" to access your new Outlook email inbox and select "OCAD U 365" to access all of the apps available to you in the Microsoft 365 environment. 

All student email was migrated from Gmail to OCAD U 365! 

Updates & Changes

  • Teams is currently available to all students. We are planning a roll out of Teams to all students. Stay tuned!
  • Students will be hidden from the Global Address List, but you may contact any student you wish so long as you know their email address.
  • We recommend that students move Google Drive files to OneDrive (5TB) soon after the migration for the best experience

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a robust suite of online collaboration tools, built in a cloud platform that offers familiar Microsoft productivity apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook email and OneDrive, along with others such as Teams for chat-based collaboration, To-Do and Planner for tasks, OneNote for notetaking and more.

Email FAQ

Office 365 FAQ

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What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is Microsoft's suite of desktop and online productivity apps including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook email and OneDrive, with new apps like Teams for chat based collaboration, To-Do and Planner for tasks, and OneNote for notetaking.

Why did student email move to the Outlook email platform in Microsoft 365?

Students, faculty, and staff depend on the rich functionality provided by Microsoft Office and our community thrives on collaboration, across the University. Having users on two different email and collaboration systems hinders their creativity and productivity.

  • New cloud-based Office 365 applications were previously not available to students
  • Better integration with your existing Office apps
  • Tools for collaboration with OCAD U faculty and staff

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Will my email address change?

Yay! You asked for it, and we’re delivering. After the transition, your OCAD U email address will be human-readable: a combination of firstname and lastname. Don’t worry, your old numeric or alphanumeric email address will continue to work. You will still receive mail.  

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When is this happening?

It has happened! During the Winter Study Week, February 18 to 21, 2020, IT Services migrated mailboxes from Gmail to Microsoft 365 Outlook. This includes your email and calendar, and all of their existing contents. 

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Will I still have access to Gmail and Google Apps?

Yes. Your old email will still be in Gmail, and you can still use Google Apps until we discontinue the service.

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What will be different about my email inbox in Outlook versus Gmail?

While the basic email functionality is similar to Gmail, your Outlook inbox will act as a starting point for all collaboration with other members of the OCAD U community.

  • Outlook has a Focused Inbox, so that email from the OCAD U community is in the foreground.
  • You will be able to look up any faculty or staff member in the Global Address List
  • You will see other user's free/busy information in order to schedule time with them

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Will I need to use a different app on my devices (mobile phone, iPad, etc.) to access email?

We recommend that all users install Outlook for iOS, Android, macOS and Windows to access email. This is the richest, most compatible experience. Third-party mail client support is not recommended and not supported. 

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Will my access to third-party services be interrupted?

IT Services is working hard to ensure that your access to an OCAD U supported third-party service will be uninterrupted. 

Service Change
Adobe Creative Cloud – Adobe ID Use your old Student Email address to access Creative Cloud, not your new human-readable address. You can choose to change your address to your new address if you so choose.
Techsmith Knowmia (formerly Relay) Your new address will be updated automatically on login
Ares Your new address will be imported.
EZProxy EZProxy does not rely on email address
Format Your new address will be manually updated after the migration.
Gmail Gmail and Google Drive access will be tied to your old email address.
Kivuto – On The Hub Your new address will be updated automatically on login
LinkedIn Learning Your new address will be updated automatically on login
Open Research Your old address will persist for now, but it is configured as an alias on your account.
Papercut No changes required.
Papyrus TBA
Payable Your new address will be updated automatically on login
Student Feedback on Courses Your new address will be imported.
Talent Network Your new address will be manually updated after the migration.
Webcheckout Your email address will be updated automatically in Webcheckout.

Other Third-Party Services

If you have used your old student email address to register with Facebook, Twitter or some other service we don't manage, fear not: an alias or proxy address will be maintained on your account so that email delivery will continue. However, we do recommend that if you are able to, change your email address with that third party service. A good way to keep track of your usernames and passwords is by using a Password Manager like LastPass, 1Password or Dashlane.

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What about the other applications on Microsoft 365?

Once the migration is complete, all students will have the same access to Microsoft’s tools as faculty and staff, so you will be able to start collaborating right away.

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Which students are you migrating to Microsoft 365? 

  • Currently Enrolled Undergraduate and Graduate Students
  • Any Undergraduate and Graduate student who is eligible to enroll at OCAD University
  • Any Alumni who graduated since 2011

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Which students are not migrating to Microsoft 365?

  • Any Alumni who graduated prior to 2011
  • Any student who attended OCAD U previously and did not graduate
  • Continuing Studies Students (who do not receive email accounts from OCAD U)

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Should I switch to OneDrive for my file storage?

Yes. We recommend you migrate your files from Google Drive to OneDrive shortly after you gain access. While you will continue to have access to Google Drive, you will spend more of your time reading email and collaborating in Office 365, and the convenience of Microsoft’s integration between tools will mean a better experience for you. OneDrive will provide 5TB of space for your files. 

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How do I migrate my files from Google Drive to OneDrive?

We recommend you export your content using the Google Takeout service: as this will ensure that your Google files are converted to Office compatible documents. Then, copy those files to OneDrive using the native OneDrive app for macOS or Windows. OneDrive will provide 5TB of space for your files. 

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Do I need to be on the latest version of Office (Word, Excel, etc.) to use the collaboration/share function for my documents?

Yes. If you haven't done so already, we recommend you download Microsoft 365 from and install it on your laptop or desktop. This version provides the best experience for working with online documents. We will not offer support for Office 2016 and earlier with Microsoft 365.

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What is “syncing” and how to do I do it?

All students receive 5 TB (terabyte) of OneDrive storage, allowing them to save files to Microsoft's online cloud and have them simultaneously on your desktop.

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What is the difference between the web versions of Office (Word, Excel, etc.) as opposed to the applications on my computer?

The web versions of Office replicate the experience of the desktop applications and provide most of the functionality you need to collaborate. The desktop versions provide a fully featured experience, and you can work across the web and desktop with any of the applications. 

Do I need to download the Outlook app to access my email or can I log in through a browser?

You can absolutely log in through the browser. There are benefits to each.

Will I still have access to email and OneDrive after I graduate?

Yes, you will have access to Office 365 for 1 year after you graduate, as sometimes students return to OCAD U. After the 1 year, your account will be downgraded to an Alumni license which has email only.

I have a personal OneDrive account already. Can I use both?

You can only be authenticated into a single OneDrive account at a time in the browser. The OneDrive desktop application does allow you to connect to multiple OneDrive accounts (personal + OCAD U, for example) at a time. We suggest you use your OCAD U OneDrive for academic activities at OCAD U.

I'm an alumni. Will my email and Google Drive files get switched too?

If you graduated prior to 2011, we are not migrating your data. You have until Summer 2021 to remove your Google Drive data. 

How long will I retain access to my Google Drive files? When are you sunsetting GSuite?

We recommend you transfer your files right away to get the most benefit out of Microsoft 365. We expect to run the GSuite service until Summer 2021. All will be reminded via email of this change prior to the cut off date. 


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