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On-boarding Guide: Getting Started at OCAD U
Updated: 16 June 2020 09:13 AM


This is a directory of the IT Services Knowledge-base Articles that you can read through to help you get started at OCAD U. Please note that you can refer to this list as a refresher, as the articles in this list will be updated when needed.


Getting Started:

  1. Faculty & Staff: How to Access and Log In to OCAD U Email and Office 365 in a Browser
  2. Faculty & Staff: Configure OCAD U 365 Email on Outlook for Mac
  3. Faculty & Staff: Configure OCAD U 365 Email on Outlook for Windows
  4. Phone System: How do I setup, access and use my voice mailbox?
  5. OCAD U 365: Getting Started with Microsoft Teams
  6. OCAD U 365: OneDrive & SharePoint FAQ
  7. Introduction to SharePoint and OneDrive
  8. OCAD U 365: Practical Guide to Sharing Documents
  9. OCAD U 365: Sync Files with OneDrive on Mac OSX
  10. OCAD U 365: Sync SharePoint Files with the OneDrive Sync App
  11. How to forward calls from an OCADU desk phone
  12. IT Security: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Security Guide
  13. Wireless: How do I connect to ocadu Wi-Fi?
  14. Faculty & Staff: Configure OCAD U 365 Email on iOS Device
  15. Faculty & Staff: Configure OCAD U 365 Email on Android
  16. How to configure your printer on your computer (Windows 10)
  17. Administrative Printing: Add/Remove Printers for Mac OS X
  18. Administrative Printing: Add/Remove Printers for Windows
  19. Self-Service Software Installs at OCADU
  20. Techsmith Knowmia (formerly Relay): Getting Started
  21. Administrative Computing: Supported Devices
  22. Who do I contact for help?


Settling In & Security:

  1. OCAD U 365: Mail - Focused Inbox Feature
  2. OCAD U 365: Manually Adding a Shared Mailbox to Outlook
  3. Faculty & Admin Staff: CASL & Email Consent
  4. Faculty, Staff and Students: How Can I Reduce the Size of My File
  5. Practical Guide to Data Privacy, Confidentiality & Security at OCAD U
  6. IT Security: The Growing Importance of Software Updates
  7. Security: Protecting Yourself Against Viruses and Malware
  8. Security: Phishing Emails, Blocking Senders and Managing Junk Email
  9. Security: Lost your iPhone or Android Device? Remote Wipe with Outlook Web Access
  10. Security: How to Reset Your OCAD U Password
  11. Weekly OCAD U IT Services Maintenance Windows
  12. Room Number Guide
  13. How to Set Up OCAD U FortiClient VPN (Mac & Windows)
  14. What is a Ticket? How do I Submit a Ticket?


Ramping Up Productivity:

  1. OCAD U 365: Getting Started with Microsoft Forms
  2. OCAD U 365: Bookings & MyAnalytics
  3. Zoom at OCAD U
  4. Zoom: How to Schedule a Meeting
  5. Zoom: Joining a Meeting
  6. Blogs: Introduction to OCAD U Blogs


Copy & Print: Article Directory

  1. Copy & Print: Black & White Copying (Admin Staff)
  2. Copy & Print Services: Shared Accounts
  3. Copy & Print: Colour Copying and Printing (Faculty & Admin Staff)
  4. Copy & Print: File Preparation for Printing
  5. Copy & Print: Price List
  6. Copy & Print Services: Pricing FAQ
  7. Copy & Print Services: Email Policy
  8. Copy & Print Services: Printing from a USB
  9. Copy & Print: Supplies and Support
  10. Copy & Print: Credit Transfers
  11. Troubleshooting FAQ for Printer Issues


Things to Know:

  1. Email: Messages Not Delivered to Inbox as Expected
  2. OCAD U 365: Handling Legitimate Spoofed Senders (Listservs, Mass Mailing Services, etc.)
  3. OCAD U 365: Password Reset Notifications
  4. Long Distance Charges