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OCAD U 365: Searching the Global Address List
Updated: 20 November 2019 11:24 AM

Why Firstname Lastname?

The default display name is now organized by "Firstname Lastname" as this is the default for Office 365. This convention is displayed in several places in Office 365. As well, we've received complaints from some users who are referred to incorrectly because it so happens that their  last names that are similar to first names. 

Here is just a few examples of where Office 365 expects Firstname Lastname:

  • Your Avatar
  • @Mentions in shared comments Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents
  • Names, @Mentions and other in Microsoft Teams
  • Outlook

In the old convention, your name shows up "Lastname, Firstname" which is confusing in many of these new contexts. You might receive an email that says "Hello Schmoe, Jane" because Office 365 expects Firstname Lastname. The more you use Teams and Outlook, the more jarring it becomes to have names reversed.

Search for a contact using the Search People box on the ribbon

Start typing the first or last name of a contact, and all relevant contacts will be shown:


Windows 10

Use the "Search People" box in the Home Ribbon. This searches by Firstname or Lastname.


For more information:

Outlook for Windows

Find User By Last Name

Always select the "More Columns" option in the Global Address List Search. This will search by last name or first name.


If you want to find a user by last name only, click Advanced Find > Search by Last Name



Change Default Order

You can also change the sort order of your Contacts. Browse to File > Account > click on Address Books tab > highlight Outook Address Book > click on Change > Select "File As (Lastname, Firstname)"