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OCAD U 365: One Email App to Rule them All: Using Outlook
Updated: 24 July 2020 01:58 PM

Install Outlook for iOS or Android, or Outlook for macOS or Windows (via OCAD U 365) for the best experience with email and calendaring today.

Download Outlook

Bugs in Apple Mail & Calendar

  • We do not recommend Apple Mail or Calendar
  • The decline meeting bug sends a cancellation notification to all invitees of a meeting, especially if you did not schedule the meeting.

Missing Features

  • Teams integration: Outlook features native Teams integration, so you can add a Teams meeting to a Calendar invite or join a Teams meeting from your Calendar.
  • Search Mail, Events, Files, and Contacts: Outlooks shows files and people related to your Inbox content
  • Calendar and email in one app: Outlook has both of these features in one app
  • OneDrive Integration