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OCAD U 365: One Email App to Rule them All: Using Outlook
Updated: 31 October 2019 11:58 AM

OCAD U faculty and staff have witnessed a number of bugs and missing Office 365 features in Apple Mail, Calendar, Thunderbird and other third-party apps for reading email and scheduling meetings on iOS, Android and Desktop. If you’re using one of these clients, you are not having the best experience possible. 

We strongly recommend that you switch to the Outlook for iOS or Android, or Outlook for macOS or Windows (via OCAD U 365) as soon as possible. Eventually, Microsoft will be ending support for some clients in 2020. OCAD U will end support for third-party clients to ensure that all users are on the same platform and having a great experience. 

Download Outlook

Bugs in Apple Mail & Calendar

  • The decline meeting bug sends a cancellation notification to all invitees of a meeting, especially if you did not schedule the meeting.

Missing Features

  • Teams integration: Outlook features native Teams integration, so you can add a Teams meeting to a Calendar invite or join a Teams meeting from your Calendar.
  • Search Mail, Events, Files, and Contacts: Outlooks shows files and people related to your Inbox content
  • Calendar and email in one app: Outlook has both of these features in one app
  • OneDrive Integration