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OCAD U 365: Bookings & MyAnalytics
Updated: 15 September 2020 10:17 AM


From Microsoft: “Bookings gives you a fast, easy alternative to time-consuming, frustrating phone-scheduling.” 

Bookings allows you, an academic service unit or anyone to create a page with services, people and time slots to allow anyone to book time quickly and easily. It adds the events to a specific person’s calendar, allows for cancellations and reduces no-shows.

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From Microsoft: “MyAnalytics helps you find opportunities to build better habits and get back in control of your time.”

MyAnalytics reviews the contents of your calendar and then provides:

  • Insights into your work week to remind you to respond to emails, missed tasks
  • Weekly emails to let you know how much free time you have
  • Suggestions on being more productive
  • A view that is 100% private to you. No one at OCAD U can see your MyAnalytics. More about MyAnalytics privacy.

Can I opt-out of My Analytics?

You can opt-out of My Analytics by following these instructions:

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