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Updated: 10 November 2020 02:04 PM

***PLEASE NOTE: Order turnaround and any other relevant information on this article are subject to change due to Campus Shutdown/COVID-19 Restrictions. Please refer to OCADU's Gradual Reopening Strategy for more information.***


Job Ticketing FAQ


1. What is Job Ticketing?

Job Ticketing is Copy&Print service's online ordering system. With Job Ticketing we have some new features such as:

Customer reply

Updated file uploading size

Easier ordering for large format print


 2. What is Customer reply?

Customer reply is a new way of being able to communicate with students when there is something wrong with an order. You will receive an email to your student email when a message is sent to you, it may be in your spam folder so please remember to check there as well. From there, you have one hour to reply back other wise your job will be cancelled and you will need to resubmit your order. You are also able to reply within the Job Ticketing interface, by going to your job in question and viewing the comments section.


3. What types of Files are accepted? Is it still JPG's PDF's and TIFFs?

Yup! We are still accepting those file types, but highly recommend sending in everything as PDF's. 


4. Is there a File size limit?

Yes, it is 75mb. Any document exceeding that limit may be rejected.


5. Can I submit multiple files in one order?

It is not advised and the job may be cancelled. The option is available, but will only be advised by staff under special circumstances. 


6. What is the Turn Around Time?

1-2 hours during our hours of operation. Announcements (viewable on the Job Ticketing interface) will be made to allow students to know if times have changed for both online as well as in line orders. 


7. Can I re-order an existing order?

No. Once your job has been completed we can not go back and add more onto the job. If you are looking to re-print a previous order, you would need to submit the same details again. 


8. Can I change an order?

You can edit your order's details only if it has not yet been charged to your account. Once it has been charged, you need to contact us via the Job Ticketing system (by adding a comment to the order) to find out if it is possible to change the order details. You cannot, however, change the uploaded files.


9. Can I delete an order?

10. How will I know when my job is completed?

You will receive an email notification anytime your order has been moved through the printing process, including when it is "Completed" 


11. When will I be charged?

Your job will be charged when your file has been reviewed and is in queue to print. You will receive an email notification for your records.


12. Are there any other resources?

We are currently working on OCADU specific documentation, as we will be updating this FAQ through out the year. For now, please refer to the manufacture's FAQ for any other questions that you may have.